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The Best Gender-Affirming Swimwear, According To Reviewers

Every body is a beach body.

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Reminder: trans and gender queer bodies are beach bodies. Whether you want a swimsuit that provides extra coverage or are shopping for something a little spicy, I’ve tracked down hella stylish options for swimsuit season.

Though gender-affirming clothing is often difficult to find (especially in brick-and-mortar stores), the fashion industry has made exciting progress in recent years. Styles with built-in chest binders, gender-neutral swim shorts, and bikini bottoms with extra support for tucking have become more readily available.

Brands like TomboyX make swimwear with coverage for every type of body, while Chromat is also working to mitigate the disparity. The queer-owned brand dropped a collection in collaboration with artist Tourmaline “that places equal value on both comfort and aesthetics, pleasure and play.”

The line was designed specifically “for girls who don’t tuck, trans femmes, non-binary and trans masc people who pack, intersex people, women, men” — so, basically anyone who needs a swimsuit.

Ahead, shop even more gender-affirming swimwear options that are top-rated by reviewers and, in some cases, are also the first of their kind, such as Chromat’s Collective Opulence Celebrating Kindred collection and GenderBender’s tucking bottoms. Even better? Most of these brands are available up to at least a 3XL. Enjoy!

Chromat has been heralded as a leader in bringing body, gender, race, and age diversity to the runway. Their collection in collaboration with Tourmaline, for instance, is a perfect example of that, supplying one-pieces, separates, and swim skirts with built-in pockets. This skort specifically offers extra coverage for anyone who needs it.

These swim shorts from Rebirth Garments are completely customizable. From the size to the lining compression, down to the closure (a slip-on or snaps on either or both sides), you can make this as comfortable and practical as necessary. With a seafoam green waistband and bold print, it’s a fun choice for summer, for sure.

One user raved: “Item was great quality and fits and looks so super good! Summer will be extra a**tastic because of these shorts.”

Over a hundred 5-star ratings confirm: this Amazon swim binder is worth it. One review said: “Gender neutral style with just enough binding. The zipper binder makes for easier on [and] off.”

Origami Customs creates custom swimwear designed for confidence. Their website states, “This swim collection is the first of its kind ANYWHERE. Each piece is designed with our revolutionary universal fit and gentle support.” This two-piece, specifically, features a supportive lining that lifts and smooths, while also offering light compression. The chic high-waist style is just a bonus.

One TomboyX reviewer raved about this playful compression racerback top: “I’ve never been someone comfortable swimming without a T-shirt, but since owning this I feel comfortable in my own skin and don’t feel the need to wear a shirt while swimming anymore!”

The label also released a new reversible swim collection just in time for summer 2024. Two stylish suits for the price one sounds like a bargain work shopping.

Tucking underwear is a staple, but swimwear with the same capabilities is a bit harder to find. Gender Bender uses dual fabric layers to compress comfortably. These bottoms boast glowing 5-star reviews that claim they make wearers feel “much more feminine to wear” and are “very gender affirming.”

If you don’t want full binding for the beach, this swim top is a more comfortable version. The gender-inclusive swimwear brand, Humankind, even tags it as “a water-friendly top that works like a binder, but doesn’t feel like one.”

The top comes in neutrals and vibrant pops of color — this patterned one, however, gives main character energy. One satisfied customer wrote: “Overall probably my favorite swimsuit I’ve had in a long time.”

Beefcake Swimwear’s onesie gives all-over coverage. One reviewer wrote: “I’ve literally never loved a swimsuit before my Beefcake suit. Finally I have a swimsuit that’s comfortable, looks incredibly cool, and I don’t feel over exposed and self conscious.”

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