The 6 Best Washcloths For Faces

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Shopping for a washcloth to help you rinse off daily grime sounds simple enough, but not even the plushest of towels are necessarily suitable for use on your face. In fact, the best washcloths for faces are made from durable yet oh-so-soft fibers (like microfiber) that are intentionally woven to trap dirt and oil and erase all traces of makeup without causing irritation. Most are smooth, but some have a slightly rough texture, which makes them ideal for gentle exfoliation.

Because the skin on your face is so delicate, you'll want to avoid most traditional towel weaves, which tend to be too abrasive. Instead, look for a washcloth made of one of the following materials:

  • Microfiber: These washcloths are made from synthetic fibers that have 1/20th of the diameter of silk, making them super gentle. The fibers also attract dirt, oil, and other gunk, which is why they're excellent for everything from removing makeup to basic, nighttime cleansing.
  • Bamboo: The most environmentally sound option, bamboo is not only super soft, but it's also quick to dry. And due to its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, it's an especially great choice for people with extra sensitive and/or acne-prone skin. However, to ensure you're getting the highest-quality (and silkiest) option possible, you'll want to check that the washcloth is made from 100% bamboo.
  • Muslin: Spun from cotton, muslin has a very lightweight, linen-line texture, which has an open-weave design (like cheesecloth). This gives it the unique qualities of being both gentle and exfoliating since it helps trap dirt in the open spaces between the threads. The catch is that the fabric is thin and definitely not "plush," so it won't provide the same experience as a microfiber towel, and is, therefore, best reserved for when your goal is to lightly slough away dead skin.

All of the best facial washcloths on Amazon are rounded up below, and they're all sold in multipacks, which will hopefully encourage you to use a fresh one every time you wash your face.

1. The Overall Best

  • Available sizes: 12 x 12 inches

These microfiber washcloths have amassed more than 4,500 five-star ratings on Amazon, with fans praising them for having a silky soft texture that "feels like upscale spa material," as one person put it. The towels are excellent for everything from basic makeup removal to more heavy-duty cleansing — in fact, a number of fans mentioned they pair well with oil cleansing because they have an "almost suction-like pull" that helps get all of the product off your skin. The durable facial towels will last through many rounds in the washing machine and dryer without fraying or losing their softness, Amazon reviewers report. You can also pick them up in a two-pack or a 10-pack comprising either one color or an assortment.

One glowing review: "These are AWESOME. Believe the hype: these things take off makeup with WATER. I'm talking foundation, waterproof mascara, etc... I do usually follow up with an actual cleanser, but going over my face with this cloth first makes that job so much easier. I've had these for a while now and they have remained super soft after multiple washes."

2. The Best Bamboo Washcloths

  • Available size: 10 x 10 inches

These bamboo washcloths are crafted from 100% organic, chemical- and dye-free bamboo that's been certified by the independent textile testing firm Oeko-Tex. That means they're not only sustainable, but soft, absorbent, and germ resistant as well. They get even softer after being washed, but one downside is because bamboo is so delicate, you'll need to remember to separate them from your everyday laundry so you can ensure they only get rinsed in a gentle cycle.

One glowing review: "I love these wash cloths!! I’ve had my original set for a few months and I just ordered another so I can enough for the week without having to do a load. I am 32 but am still really prone to breakouts. These cloths are really soft and irritant free, but have enough texture to completely remove my exfoliants and cleansers, and are the perfect size."

3. The Most Budget-Friendly

  • Available sizes: 12 x 12 inches

If you like to have a fresh washcloth ready every time you wash your face, this set of a dozen washcloths will help you stretch the time between laundry loads, in addition to being a generally fantastic deal. Each microfiber cloth is lightweight and soft, and yet still works well at removing makeup (including waterproof mascara). If you don't love the color selection, you can also pick them up in all black, or go for the combo-pack containing white and gray.

One glowing review: "They are quite soft, and have just enough texture to do a good job in removing all of the dirt and makeup from my face. In addition, they rinse out very well - no soap or makeup left in the cloth"

4. The Best For Gentle Exfoliation

  • Available sizes: 11.4 x 11 inches (featured), 19.6 x 19.6 inches

If you're seeking a gentle cleanse with a hint of exfoliation, these muslin washcloths will be perfect. The open-weave design helps trap dirt and dead skin cells, while also helping to distribute cleansers and create an impressive lather. This 10-pack is a great deal and is backed up by more than 1,300 five-star ratings from Amazon customers. Lightweight and airy, these washcloths dry almost instantly, and though they're machine-washable, reviewers caution that you may see some shrinkage. Use a gentle cycle, or hand-wash them to prevent ending up with a smaller cloth.

One glowing review: "Excellent little face cloths. I have delicate soft skin even some body and facial loofahs are too rough for me, so I'm careful. These little cloths have just the right amount of texture to give a nice exfoliation, no pulling, tugging or hurting the skin. They are easy to launder I put them in the lingerie bag and throw them in with my whites... I use one cloth in the AM and get a clean one in the PM. My skin, neck, decollete area all look smoother and brighter. This is in a few weeks of daily use."

5. The Most Versatile

  • Available sizes: 10.2 x 8.7 inches

For anyone who appreciates having options — or you want to be able to pack one less thing in your toiletry bag when you go on vacation — these washcloths are the perfect two-in-one solution. Flip over the soft, white microfiber side to reveal a textured, nylon weave that Amazon reviewers liken to a lighter version of a body loofah, which is perfect for sloughing away dead, flaky skin. Pro tip: Make sure to dampen the washcloth first, as the textured side will be too harsh when dry.

One glowing review: "I absolutely love these! I was looking for something that was rough enough to get rid of my grimey skin cells, but soft enough to not leave my face in a rash. This is perfect, my skin is baby smooth after using it."

6. The Best Alternative To Disposable Cotton Rounds

  • Available sizes: 5 x 5 inches (featured), 8 x 8 inches, 8 x 16 inches

By far one of the best ways to reduce waste is by reaching for these small, square-shaped, reusable cleansing cloths instead of disposable cotton rounds or face wipes. They've earned over 2,500 positive Amazon reviews and are exceptionally soft, and still just as effective as any of the other bigger microfiber picks on this list. And as one Amazon reviewer pointed out, they're thick enough that you can use both sides independently without worrying about any liquid soaking through. In addition to coral, you can also get them in gray.

One glowing review: "AMAZING! These are absolutely worth the price! I am on a mission to create less waste, so I figured these reusable makeup remover pads were a good place to start and man, was I right! I use them with micellar water and they work perfectly! I have super sensitive skin and have tried so many different makeup wipes that have irritated my skin to no end, but this plush material felt amazing!"