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Billie Eilish Just Wore The “Ugly” ’90s-Era Headband You Forgot Existed

Millennials know.

For those that spent their youngest years throughout the ’90s and into the early 2000s, it’s common knowledge at this point that the trends of Millennials’ youth were... interesting, at best. And somehow, now that all of us ’90s kids — myself included — are all grown up and (nearly) fully formed in our personal style and true, authentic selves, it seems every single not-so-cute trend once worn has made its way back into the limelight. I’m talking about you, low-rise denim and pencil-thin, over-plucked brows.

The latest long forgotten accessory to make an appearance on none other than Billie Eilish? Zig-zag headbands. And TBH, I can still feel the pain of untangling my hair’s knots in the circular headband’s plastic comb teeth as I type these words.

In her most recent photo dump on the ‘gram, Eilish shared a few no-makeup selfies and up-close details of some recent ‘fits. And especially when paired with an oversized jersey, baggy jeans, and Y2K-esque silver jewelry — it’s clear that the nostalgic headband is the icing on the ’90s-inspired cake.

Though Eilish is the most recent celebrity to be spotted in the OG hair accessory that defined the 1990s and early aughts, quite a few other A-listers have rediscovered the trend in recent past. Namely, Kourtney Kardashian took her own zig-zag headband for a spin back in the summer of 2021, taking the opportunity to head to her local mall and get her ears pierced at Claire’s (IYKYK).

I mean, if that’s not the most quintessentially shared teenage Millennial experience, I’m truly not sure what is.