14 Creative Ideas To Rock The Butterfly Tattoo Trend

Join the ranks of Ariana Grande and Harry Styles.

Here are butterfly tattoo ideas that will get you thinking of designs for your next appointment.
Laura Corchia / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Butterflies have fluttered their way back into the zeitgeist, and have officially taken the beauty industry by storm. Not only is the butterfly haircut trending this year, but celebrities are also sporting butterfly styles all over the red carpet — just look to Olivia Rodrigo’s 2022 Met Gala look, and/or Dua Lipa’s Grammys butterfly dress for proof of the phenomenon. Countless other A-listers have rocked their own versions of the look as well, with Bella Hadid, Addison Rae, Dua Lipa, and Halsey all having sported butterfly accessories over the past few years. That said, it really seems like 2022 is the year of the butterfly, especially when it comes to tattoo trends.

In fact, this year, butterfly tattoos have proven to be the most popular — and cyber searched — in the United States, according to Google search data from online art gallery SINGULART. This isn’t particularly surprising, considering how in vogue butterfly symbolism is…though it likely doesn’t hurt that style icons like Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, and Kylie Jenner all proudly sport butterfly ink of their own. (#influenced)

Whether you’re intrigued by Styles’ chest tattoo, infatuated with Jenner’s ankle ink, or inspired to create an entirely unique spin on the fluttering fad, read on for 14 creative butterfly tattoo ideas.


Matching Monarchs

Quite like wings, two is always better than one. Grab your BFF and get some matching monarch ink.



Torn between a floral design and a butterfly style? Combine both with this half-and-half look.


Minimalist Moment

For something discrete, delicate, and easy to hide, consider a minimalist wing outline to satisfy your butterfly desires.


Delicate Lines

For another delicate design, try two smaller line tattoos instead of one.


Hand Drawn

Elevate every future mani and get a finger inked with a butterfly.


Abstract Shapes

In art, there is no need to be literal — and such is the case for your butterfly tattoo, as well. This style resembles a butterfly as much as it needs to, but is open for interpretation.


Gorgeous Garden

Turn your body into a garden with this tattoo design, featuring two butterflies and a matching flower.


Whimsical Wings

Mix and match pastels — or your favorite shades — to create a whimsical and unique take on the butterfly.


Seeing Red

Combine the fiery passion of a red tattoo with the butterfly’s playful vibe, and you have some of the most memorable ink around.


Face To Face

This double meaning tattoo is a unique take on the trend, featuring two faces within the butterfly’s wings.


Fluttering Flames

This pretty butterfly is perfectly balanced with fine line flames.


Goth Glam

Lean into the goth glam aesthetic with this black watercolor aesthetic butterfly.


Double Trouble

For a minimal and chic aesthetic, you can opt for two small butterflies instead of one large design.


Words Of Wisom

Finally, you can combine all the joy of the fluttering butterfly with some memorable words of wisdom: simply turn one wing into text of your favorite quote.