I Tried Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Mascara — Here's How It Works

The wand is different than any other mascara.

Charlotte Tilbury

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's eponymous brand is beloved by celebrities and royalty — Meghan Markle is a fan of her Matte Revolution lipstick. But perhaps Tilbury's most well-known items are her Pillow Talk products. The collection is getting an extension with the new Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara.

Pillow Talk originally began as a single shade in Tilbury's lineup of lipsticks, but as its popularity skyrocketed, the brand began expanding its Pillow Talk options. In Jan. 2020, an entire collection launched with new lip shades for deeper skin, an eyeshadow palette, and cheek products.

Just a few months after this expansion, on Aug. 26, the new Pillow Talk mascara is set to launch. But does this mascara live up to the hype of the iconic line? I road-tested it to find out.

What Does Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara Claim To Do?

With the name Push Up Lashes, you can probably guess what the mascara's function is: lifting and curling. And to accomplish that, the brand focused on creating the perfect brush. Unlike other mascaras, Tilbury's wand has two flat edges and two sides with bristles. The flat sides are designed to load mascara onto the lashes while the bristles are used to distribute it through the hairs while lifting and lengthening.

While the wand is unique, the mascara also distinguishes itself with a focus on haircare. It uses keratin to condition the lashes as you wear it throughout the day. This helps to prevent breakage and also gives the hairs a thicker appearance. A polymer created from a larch tree helps to hold the curled lashes in place, and carnauba wax gives individual hairs a fuller appearance.

Charlotte Tilbury

How Do You Apply Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara?

Application for most mascaras is straight forward. While bristle and wand lengths vary from product to product, sweeping the brush through the lashes typically works every time. That's not the case with Pillow Talk.

To apply, you use the paddle side first, loading the mascara onto the lashes in what will, at first, look like a clump. Then, turning the brush to the bristle side, you comb the distributed mascara through, carrying it throughout the length of your lashes. The more you brush, the more fanned out the lashes become.

Charlotte Tilbury

The brand says a lash curler isn't necessary, and the first time I tested the mascara, I didn't use one. My natural lash is straight with only a little curl and not much length. Plus, thanks to wearing false lashes, there are sparse areas throughout. I was skeptical about not using a lash curler.

I went straight onto my lash and loaded up the mascara with the paddle then brushed it through. My lashes appeared noticeably more full as I continued to run the bristles through my hairs, and the product did distribute evenly. Plus, there was some noticeable lift at the root of the lash making them appear longer. Overall, my lashes looked thicker with a bit of added length.

But I still recommend using a curler. After testing the product without one, I reached for mine again. I held the tool at the base of my lashes for 10-15 seconds giving them a bend at the root. Then, I went through the same process, loading the mascara onto my lash with the paddle and distributing it with the bristles. With my lashes already curled, the mascara was able to hold the curl in place and add noticeable lift and volume, even filling in my sparse places. See before and after pictures below.

Shea Simmons
Shea Simmons
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How Does Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Wear?

I wore the mascara every day for a week, and the wear was consistent each day. The mascara gave my lashes volume that stayed until I removed it at night. However, the curl didn't hold up quite as well.

Once the eight-hour mark passed, the curling effect began to wear down. My lashes eventually fell to their natural straight position after a long wear time. But eight hours of volume and lift isn't too shabby.

The only other wear issue was transfer. The color does wear off onto the lid. Thanks in part to the way the mascara is able to curl, the tops of my lashes touched the skin below my brow.

Whether it's my own natural oil or the warm weather, the color left spots of black on my skin that I had to wipe away throughout the day. Don't expect this mascara to be transfer-proof.

Charlotte Tilbury

Should You Try It?

Yes, if you love mascara. Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Push up Lashes is an impressive mascara with a unique application process. For lovers of mascara, testing out the innovative wand for yourself is a must. Plus, the formulation does coat lashes from root to tip giving added volume and length.

That being said, the mascara does retail for a bit more than other high-end brands. It clocks in at $29 where best-sellers like Too Faced's Better Than Sex is $25 and its oft-cited dupe, L'Oreal Lash Paradise, is only $9.

That's the thing about mascara. You don't have to pay big prices for big results. However, if you love Charlotte Tilbury or can't resist testing innovative new approaches to products, you should give the new Pillow Talk mascara a try.