Cotton Underwear Doesn't Have To Be Boring, These 23 Pairs Are Sexy (& Cheap) As Hell

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Let’s talk about underwear — specifically, cotton underwear. Known best as being the “fabric of our lives,” cotton panties are breathable, absorbent, and the underwear most recommended by gynecologists. But, just because cotton underwear is practical doesn’t mean that it can’t be sexy and stylish.

While cotton has been ever-present in our underwear drawers, it has become more trendy in recent years as athleisure and loungewear have risen in popularity. From iconic Calvin Klein styles that call back to the ‘90s to French-cut underwear that are as sophisticated as they are alluring.

Best of all though, cotton underwear are cheap as hell, so without further adieu, here are 23 pairs of cotton underwear that’ll make a good impression — and, won’t break the bank in the process.


These 95% Cotton Undies That Come In An Assortment Of Cute Designs

These stretchy bikini panties are a huge hit with Amazon shoppers — with over 91,000 ratings, it’s safe to say that you’ll feel supported by this cut and fabric. Machine washable, these are made with a lightweight jersey cotton blend. So, imagine them feeling just like your ultimate favorite cozy t-shirt.

Varieties: 24

Sizes: XSmall — 3XL


These Dainty Undies That Offer Better Coverage In The Back

These cotton string pairs have both a sexy and sweet vibe, thanks to their thin string construction and lacy outline but still full coverage in the back. You can choose between a pack of four or six for these panties, with tons of neutral color combinations to choose from that are ideal for everyday wear.

Color Combinations Available: 7

Sizes: X-Small — X-Large


This Flattering V-Cut Thong That’ll Make Your Hips Feel Free

This Hanky Panky brand thong is a perfect way to make an impression. As far as thongs go, this one was designed with comfort in mind. These are available in one size, which should be comfortable for anyone who wears anything between 4 and 14.

Colors: Black, Crystal Blue, Mauveine, White, Wisteria


A Six-Pack Of Thongs That Are Totally Breathable

While thongs are perfect for ensuring underwear lines don’t show through our bottoms in all the wrong places, they’re not always the most comfortable. Luckily, these Knitlord thongs are made from a breathable cotton and hypoallergenic material, providing maximum comfort all day long.

Color Options: 5

Sizes: Small — X-Large


These Hipster Undies That Would Be A Great Match With Your Favorite Jeans

If thongs aren’t your thing, this 5-pack of hipster briefs may be a great solution. These are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a comfy stretch, and come in a pack of five in black and white or different fun colors (like these pastels for spring!). One reviewer gave these panties five stars and called them “Yoga Pant Underwear!”

Sizes: Small — 4X-Large


A Pair Of Breathable Cotton Panties With An Adorable Scalloped Band

These panties from Wealurre promise not to awkwardly roll down — which can be a big problem. Each pair of undies passes five breathability tests before making their way to the customer, meaning that Wealurre puts a lot of thought into making sure their panties are customer-friendly. You can get these panties in three different variety packs — Black, Light, or Dark.

Sizes: Small — XXLarge


These Hipsters That Are Designed To Prevent “Muffin Top”

These hipster lace panties come in a pack of three, in the colors of toasted almond, black, and light heather gray. These have been designed to avoid pinching, meaning that you can wear these all day in any situation and not feel discomfort.

Sizes: Small —Large


Mid-Rise Bikini Panties With A Cool String Detail

Why can’t underwear have a fun design to it? These string bikinis from Jo & Bette have an added flair that sets them aside from the rest. Coming in packs of six in both solids and neutrals, these offer stretch and support, along with plenty of coverage.

Sizes: 5 —10


These Sexy Lace Pairs With A Unique Design

While you may have seen sexy lace thongs, have you ever seen sexy lace hipster panties? These panties are still cheeky and seductive without showing too much, allowing for an overall more comfortable fit, made even comfier with the 100% cotton crotch area. Wear them for date night or for yourself on an everyday basis.

Sizes: Small — XX-Large


Champion Boyshorts That You Can Also Wear To Bed

If you’re looking for cute and comfortable, these Champion daywear boyshorts are the best. They’re great to side in as sleep shorts as well, and stay positioned thanks to their wide statement waistband. Another benefit of these boyshorts is the fact that they’re tagless.

Sizes: Small — XXLarge


These Simple Lacy Pairs That Add A Sexy Touch To The Everyday Panty

Lace cotton thongs that are actually comfortable and breathable?! Sign me up. These lace thongs come in a six pack and different color combinations, making them perfect for everyday wear. One happy reviewer gave this pack of panties five stars and wrote in their review: “I was surprised when I was able to wear them all day without feeling uncomfortable, and they don't fit into my hips-- so no ugly indent under my clothes.”

Sizes: X-Small — XX-Large


These Thongs With A “V-Shape” Design In Front

Sometimes, being sexy means being minimal — and that’s the appeal of these low-rise hipsters. They’re basic in design, but manage to hug your curves in the perfect places. Each pack contains six pairs — two in black, and one in white, pink, khaki, blue, and jujube red.

Sizes: Small — X-Large


A Set of Soft Elastic Underwear That Provides Full Coverage

Turn your underwear into fun-derwear with these cotton bikini panties. The extra detail on the sides adds a bit of a sultry edge, which is important — even if you’re currently the only one seeing it. These come in three types of packs, with the multipack option adding even more allure with criss-cross design right in front.

Sizes: Small-Large


These Hipster Panties That Are Both Soft & Stretchy

If you’re not feeling wearing a thong one day but still want something more fun than a plain full-coverage pair, why not try out these lacy hipster styles? These come in a pack of eight, so you’ll have more than enough to last you a whole week, and they’re made of a cotton and spandex blend that makes them suuuuper soft and stretchy.

Available Sizes: Small — 4X-Large


A Pack Of Stretchy Low Rise Panties That’ll Make You Rethink Your Entire Underwear Drawer

These stretch bikini panties are “cheeky,” meaning they’re good for those who need a little more coverage than a thong, but still prefer being a bit more exposed. Based on their stretchiness, these are also good to wear on days that require a lot of movement. They’re machine washable in a laundry bag, and you get 10 in a pack — which means you get a lot for a little.

Sizes: Small — X-Large


These Panties With Alluring Side Straps

When it comes to thongs, you might be more of a “barely there” person. These cotton thongs by FINETOO are both practical yet sexy, with a cross strap to give them even more personality. You get six in a pack, all in great colors.

Sizes: X-Small-Small — Large-XLarge


The Full Coverage Panties With Small Sultry Details

These french cut panties by Natori Bliss are subtly sexy. The subtle yet elegant design are enough to make you feel sultry yet sophisticated. But aside from that, these are also great for those who are looking for a lot of coverage. These sit right above the hip and come in a ton of colors and pack options.

Sizes: XSmall — XXLarge

Colors: 58


These No-Nonsense Thongs That Come In Bold Colors

Sometimes bold, bright colors are a fun way to spice up our everyday undergarments, and this pack of cotton thongs allows you to do just that. With a low-rise fit and made from a breathable and soft cotton material, you’ll want these thongs in all the colors and prints they come in. Plus, their pricing is unbeatable.

Sizes: Small — X-Large


These Sporty Undies With A Sheer Mesh Waistband

Mae also makes a cotton thong with a mesh waistband, both for added support and style. The Mae way is to “slip them on and forget about them,” meaning that they might just become part of your daily wardrobe. These come in two different sets — you can get a pack with the colors of blue iris, desert flower, and baltic blue, or a pack with black, grape wine, and blue iris.

Sizes: X-Small — X-Large


A Lace Waistband Thong That’s Perfect For The Minimalists

If you’re a self-proclaimed minimalist, you’ll love these simple lace panties that come in great neutral colors (or if you’re looking for something bolder, there’s bright color options too!). This six pack of lace panties are no-fuss — simple cotton and spandex construction and feel, stretchy lace that doesn’t show panty lines through your pants, and monochrome colorways.

Variety Pack Options: 4

Sizes: X-Small — 2X


Cotton Hipsters With The Most Subtle Chic Details

A chic lace trim on each of these pairs is not the only good thing about these panties — they’re constructed with a wide, breathable crotch, are made from cotton and spandex for a soft and stretchy feel, and they have a tiny bow on the front that adds a touch of youthfulness to these otherwise mature pairs.

Sizes: Small — X-Large


These Undies That’ll Give You Superhero Confidence

Confidence is incredibly sexy, and these Molasus soft cotton briefs will make you feel like a star, regardless of what you wear over them. “Even with summer dresses the panties don’t have harsh lines,” one reviewer commented. Their superior elasticity will also help ensure that they’ll be functional for many washes.


These Lace Boyshorts That’ll Perfectly Hug Your Hips

Is there anything better than a lace waistband? Not only is it comfortable on the skin, but it also adds an amorous touch. Maidenform is a popular brand, and these dream cotton and lace boyshorts hold up after plenty of washes. They also come in a bunch of cute hues and prints.

Available styles: 20

Available sizes: 5-9

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