Dua Lipa's Tattoo Collection Makes Me Want To Get Inked ASAP

Here’s your guide to all her pieces of body art.

A guide to all of Dua Lipa's tattoos.
Getty Images/Daniele Venturelli / Contributor

Getting a tattoo is a stylish form of self-expression, so it’s no surprise that disco pop queen and bona fide fashion icon Dua Lipa has an impressive collection of ink. The British singer is not one to shy away from bold looks — whether it’s rocking pierced crotch jeans, an early 2000s-era dress over denim ‘fit, or stick and poke body art, Dua’s style is endlessly daring and cool.

You may have seen some of Dua’s tats peeking out from beneath her crochet tops, red carpet gowns, or the iconic bodysuit she's been wearing throughout her Future Nostalgia concert tour, but might not realize how vast her collection is: The pop star has gotten a total of 18 tattoos over the span of her career. All of the singer's ink is spread across her arms, hands, and ankles, and the majority of them are dainty micro tats done in black ink. From initials that represent her siblings to a stick and poke tattoo on her ankle, Dua’s tattoos vary in meaning and importance, but she clearly has fun with ink.

Wondering about her entire collection? Here’s a guide to all of Dua Lipa’s ink and the meaning behind each piece.


“Sunny Hill”

Dua got her first tattoo in 2015 at 19 years old: the words “Sunny Hill,” which is in reference to the neighborhood where her parents grew up in Kosovo. Although it’s just her first, Dua has said that it's her favorite because of its special meaning.



If you look closely you’ll see that Dua has a flame tattoo near the tip of her left index finger.



On the inside of her right arm, Dua has an outlined rose tattoo that she received while in Paris. She purportedly got it in the wee hours of the morning from tattoo artist Madame Buraka.



The “angel” tattoo that lives on Dua’s right shoulder was done by tattoo artist Sean From Texas in 2016.


“Mum + Dad”

Lipa’s “mum + dad” tattoo inked below her elbow is a sweet tribute to her parents.


“This Means Nothing”

Dua’s second-ever tattoo reads “this means nothing” and runs along the side of her left forearm.


“Future Nostalgia”

In December 2018, Dua got the name of her second studio album Future Nostalgia inked in cursive on her arm.



Dua has a very mini stick and poke eye tattoo that she received from her drummer’s wife, Amy. It’s meant to be an “all-seeing eye” that serves as a form of protection.


Keith Haring Art

Dua has a dancing man tattoo on both of her thumbs, which pays tribute to American artist, Keith Haring, and his signature style.


Palm Tree

Above her left elbow, Dua has a palm tree tattoo, which is meant to represent her love of Los Angeles.



Another stick and poke from Amy is this tiny starburst tattoo on her middle finger.


Sibling Initials

As an honor to her siblings Rina and Gjin, Dua has both an “R” and “G” initialed on her wrist.



On her right wrist, Dua has a tattoo in Arabic that translates in English to “love.”



The singer has the number “245” inked on her left arm to symbolize the 245 shows of her first tour in 2018.


Barbed Wire Heart

One of the singer's signature — and most visible — tattoos is a barbed wire heart on the inside of her arm.


Smiley Face

Another finger tat? This cute smiley face design on Dua’s right pinky, which was done in an outline style.



Across her left hand reads the word “patience” which she uses as a reminder to incorporate the trait into her everyday life.



The meaning of this “7” tattoo remains unknown but is rumored to be an homage to an album by the band BTS (either way, it’s cool).

If you looking for a way to savor something special, try Dua Lipa’s method and get tatted!