How To Dress Like Fran From 'The Nanny' With Only Thrifted Clothes

'The Nanny' is an iconic 90s TV show. It told the story of a Jewish girl from Flushing, Queens who ends up working as a nanny for an Upper East Side widower. He’s a Broadway Producer, who has a rivalry with Andrew Lloyd Webber. She’s a shopaholic who can somehow afford to buy Balenciaga on a nanny’s salary. Hilarity ensues, sparks fly.

Fran Drescher’s character, Ms. Fine, is the epitome of 90s fashion. The show cleverly uses her style choices to elevate the jokes and give Fran a three dimensional personality. She rocks head to toe leopard print, wears fur coats to play tennis, and never shies away from who she truly is, and that’s as modern as you can get.

In our series Thrift The Legend, Bustle’s Art Director Diana Weisman is taking inspiration from the icons, real and imagined, to see if she can create their looks using only thrifted items.

This series was filmed in February 2020, prior to the implementation of social distancing guidelines nationwide.

Special thanks to Buffalo Exchange for hosting Diana during her thrift haul. You can visit them at 114 W 26th St., New York, New York. Don't forget to follow social distancing guidelines!

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