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Goyard’s Saint Louis Bag Has Been Hollywood’s Choice Tote For Nearly A Century

Kendall Jenner is the latest fan.

Kendall Jenner carries the Goyard Saint Louis bag in red.
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No bag print is as iconic as Goyard’s famed chevron monogram, and no one Goyard bag is as recognizable as the Saint Louis. It’s exclusive, difficult to procure, and boasts a cult-like fan base that spans generations.

Named after King Louis IX of France, AKA Saint Louis, the accessory is one of fashion’s most distinct status symbols. In fact, according to luxury auction house Sotheby’s, the bag is so popular, “it drives more than half of Goyard’s revenue.” It’s the crème de la crème of designer tote bags.

After almost 100 years of popularity, here’s how the Satint Louis has retained its status.


The Saint Louis’ Luxurious History

Goyard’s Saint Louis is one of the longest-reigning it bags on the market today, with a history that dates back to the 1930s. Unlike modern designer bags, which weave in and out of popularity, the demand for the Saint Louis has seldom waned.

Originally designed as a beach bag, the reversible tote features a stain-resistant outer and is lined with a light cotton-linen blend fabric. The idea is: you can flip the bag after a swim and use the the water-resistant side to carry your wet suit.

Its waterproof Goyardine fabric was created in 1892 by Edmond Goyard, son of founder François Goyard. Edmond also crafted Goyard’s signature monogram pattern, which carries nods to Goyard family history within its design. The interlocking Ys represent the Y in Goyard, while the dots symbolize their history as log drivers.

Up until the early aughts, each bag was painstakingly hand-painted with the intricate chevron print, a process that lasted for hours on end. Though Goyard has since migrated to screen printing, any personalization is still done by expert artisans, making each piece truly special.

Naturally, Celebrities Love The Saint Louis

For decades, the buzziest celebrities of the era have worn the tote — it’s practically a rite of passage. The most recent A-lister to fall in love with the Saint Louis is Kendall Jenner. She was spotted carrying a red iteration in June 2023 while out with boyfriend Bad Bunny.


Jenner’s bag seems to be a family favorite, as Kylie carried a nearly identical one in 2012. Meanwhile, big sis Kourtney Kardashian is also a fan of the style. She toted a canary yellow version one in the 2010s KUWTK spinoff, Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

Reese Witherspoon is another Saint Louis devotee. She’s been spotted carrying multiple colorways, including one customized with her initials.

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Y2K icon Hilary Duff also has a rotation of Goyard bags, including pine green and classic black. The Lizzie McGuire star has been loyal to the bag since the late 2000s, having carried it many times over the years.

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Other celebs who love the bag include but are not limited to, Brooke Shields, Kerry Washington, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Judy Greer.

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Wait, The Saint Louis Costs How Much?!

The Saint Louis comes in three sizes: the smaller PM, the regular GM, and the supersized XXL. After the bag’s colorways were expanded in the late ’90s to include red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, white, and gray, new hues haven’t been introduced — at least not permanently.

Though the odds of bumping into someone with the exact same colorway are high, since there are few tones to choose from, Goyard offers a personalization option for every bag. You can add your initials, stripes, and select imagery in the color(s) of your choosing — an easy way to keep your bag unique.

It will cost you a pretty penny though: the PM retails for $1,600, the GM for $1,900, while the biggest costs $2,300 — and that’s if you’re able to buy it in-store. The value is even higher (sometimes almost double) in resale markets — a testament to how in-demand these bags are.

Secure The Bag

Unfortunately, the label doesn’t sell any of its bags online, making shopping for one tricky. (It also makes it a lot more exclusive.) All hope isn’t lost though. They’re sold in Goyard stores globally and the company has a sale department to assist loyalists with purchases. Clients only need to fill out a form and will be assisted with a sale, based on location.

Those who want to eschew this process can rent from services like Vivrelle or shop second-hand. Saint Louis bags proliferate resale sites like The RealReal, Vestiaire Collecive, and Farfetch, as well as auction houses like Sotheby’s. The process will be smoother, but you’ll pay for it in spades.