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All The Products Hailey Bieber Used For Her Birthday Makeup Look

The minimal makeup queen went for a rosy ’90s vibe.

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Across the world in Tokyo, Japan, Hailey Bieber celebrated her 26th birthday on November 22 with her husband Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and more loved ones. And with what seems like a spontaneous night filled with karaoke, spicy sushi, and a whole lot of wine, she truly kicked off a fiery start to the playful Sagittarius season the right way.

In true Hailey form, the rhode founder and international supermodel took to TikTok’s platform ahead of her night out to share an impromptu GRWM video as she created her birthday beauty moment — and TBH, it’s so refreshing to see a mega star do her own makeup for a special moment, instead of hiring a glam team to create their look. A relatable queen.

While the products she used flashed the screen quickly, making it hard to see exactly what Bieber used, I did all of the sleuthing so you don’t have to ... Because her effortlessly glowy skin, vibrant rosy cheeks, glistening champagne eyes, and chocolatey ’90s lip is immediately being filed as an easy-to-recreate staple look for holidays, birthdays, and beyond.

Some of the brands she used? Well, rhode (which is being fully restocked on Friday, November 25 at 11 am EST, just FYI), a few items from Haus Labs and PAT McGRATH Labs, and a juicy cream blush from Kylie Cosmetics that truly gives her that stunning birthday glow, to name just a few.

IYKYK Hailey Bieber seemingly mixes just about every skin-centric product with her rhode peptide glazing fluid — and Lady Gaga, the founder of Haus Labs, took to Hailey’s comment section to recommend a new combo for the supermodel to try: “I wanna see Triclone skin tech foundation with your glaze (not like I’ve done it before or anything) just a small drop and your glaze is 🔥.” To which she responded: “my queen!!!! YES!!!!!!! Going to try that combo asap!”

Dying to recreate the look for your next night out? Here are the 14 products Hailey Bieber used for her birthday glam. You’re welcome.

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