14 Of Hailey Bieber's Best Manicures

The queen of minimalist-chic nails.

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A look at Hailey Bieber's nail moments that prove she's a mani style queen.
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From ’90s-inspired hairstyles to chic athleisure and “glazed donut” skin care routines, there are few beauty trends that Hailey Bieber hasn’t at least partially inspired. And Bieber’s passion for nail art is certainly no exception: Surely you’ve heard of the “glazed donut” manicure by now.

It’s not hard to see why the Rhode Skin founder is admired for her creative manicure designs. Bieber has pioneered the aforementioned glazed donut aesthetic, which may be minimalist, but has a pearlescent sheen that elevates its chicness. That said, she’s also been spotted wearing bolder looks, like illustrated fruit, deconstructed French manis, colorful ombré nails, and neon green tips, to name just a few swoon-worthy examples. As a result, billions of others have been inspired to emulate her looks — and billions is not an exaggeration. Just look to the trendsetting platform TikTok, where the search for “Hailey Bieber nails” has garnered over 7.4 billion views, and “Hailey Bieber inspired nails” and hashtag #haileybiebernails have amassed a combined 50.4 million of their own. Clearly, the supermodel is seriously slaying the nail game.

Below, see 14 of Hailey Bieber’s best nail moments that are sure to inspire your next mani.


Darling Daisies

One of Bieber’s most notable and highly imitated designs? Her memorable daisy manicure. For this look, she left her nails a “glazed donut”-esque neutral and painted delicate flowers atop the base in white and yellow. So simple, yet so chic.


Pink Ombré

Though she loves a neutral look, Bieber does occasionally experiment with more pigmented hues. One such example? This adorable dip-dyed pink pastel mani.



She may have a peach tattoo (a matching tat she got with her hubs in honor of his hit song), but Bieber has sported an adorable orange fruit design atop glazed-donut-esque base.


’90s Vibes

A cross between an ombré design and classic French mani, Bieber evoked serious ’90s-era vibes with this square-shaped throwback style.


Glow In The Dark

Bieber has even worn a Y2K-inspired glow-in-the-dark mani (a look that’s also been spotted on Ariana Grande), courtesy of nail artist Britney Tokyo.


Space Gray

This futuristic space gray manicure has Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century vibes with its pale hue.


Cream Coffin-Shaped Tips

In a more minimalist nail moment, Bieber debuted this coffin-shaped cream set at the 2018 MTV Music Awards.


Colorful French

This colorful French manicure is one of Bieber’s coolest nail art designs as it basically looks like it belongs in a museum.


Sparkly Hearts

Bieber sported this romantic manicure for Valentine’s Day in 2021, and TBH, its combination of sparkles and hand-drawn hearts is sweeter than a box of chocolates could ever be.


Highlighter Yellow

From the braided tendrils to the blue eyeliner, everything about this look screams Y2K chic — but Bieber’s bold manicure is especially iconic. The bright highlighter yellow is such a show-stopping choice it doesn’t even need a design.


Neon French Tips

Bieber has also rocked a neon-colored nail polish in a French-style manicure, as seen here.


Baby Blue

Bieber’s nails match her husband’s hat in this adorable photo, sure, but that’s not the important part. What matters is how cute the baby blue pastel manicure is.


Minimalist Hearts

This romantic style — which Bieber wore for yet another Valentine’s Day — is easy to replicate. All it takes is painting a few hearts atop a color that matches your nails. (You can also use stickers. No one can tell.)


“Glazed Donut” Nails

And last but certainly not least: Bieber’s now-popular glazed donut manicure. It may seem simple, but it’s glamorous all the same.

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