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The ‘Ugly’ Fashion Trends Hailey Bieber Wears On Repeat

From bike shorts to scarf tops and everything in between.

Discover the “ugly” fashion trends that Hailey Bieber wears on repeat — and find out how you can get...
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Hailey Bieber might make her career modeling for others, but she does pretty well styling herself on the regular. Nearly everything that Bieber wears turns to gold, with fans and followers clambering to master her each and every look, whenever she’s spotted out and about. And one thing she does extraordinarily well? Master styles other would call controversial. In fact, Hailey Bieber’s outfits often incorporate ‘ugly’ fashion trends — from the ‘90s, ‘00s, and ‘80s — styled to modern-day perfection.

Though Bieber rocks a classic string bikini, high waisted jeans, and a leather jacket with ease, it’s the more questionable “ugly” fashion trends that arguably garner the most attention. Never one to shy away from a fashion challenge, Bieber has made many such looks part of her constant wardrobe rotation lately, taking back the retro trends that one might raise their eyebrows at — and making them look impossibly chic.

What’s on the docket, you ask? Everything from slouchy cargo pants to tight bike shorts; mini scarf tops and more. Ahead, find all of the “ugly” fashion trends that Hailey Bieber wears on repeat — and find out how you, too, can get the look.

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Cargo Pants

’90s cargo pants are the exact opposite of those body-hugging dresses, mini silhouettes, and romantic flowing gowns that Bieber has been spotted in at red carpet events and on the runway alike, but she styles the borrowed-from-the-boys favorite with ease.


Scarf Top

One of the biggest trends of the ‘00s was the non-top top — made of a scarf, to be precise. It’s one that Bieber continues to rock, showing a small peek of skin in the perfect way.



The overarching ‘90s grunge trend is one that the world thought would never return, but it’s back in full effect. Hailey Bieber embraced the trend with an oversize plaid shirt styled with a crop top and skinny jeans.


Bike Shorts

Bieber styles bike shorts regularly with everything from oversized sweatshirts to longline blazers, proving that the controversial ‘80s trend is back for another trip around the sun.


Baggy Jeans

It may be the age of tight bike shorts and body-con mini dresses, but there’s one oversize silhouette you can’t let go of: baggy jeans. Bieber has championed the trend recently, pairing it with crop tops and flannel shirts alike.