Hair Gems Are All Over TikTok & My Millennial Heart Has All The Feels

Like it or not ... they’re back.

Hair gems (aka your favorite early 2000s hairstyle trend) is back, according to TikTok. Here, Floren...
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At times, it’s hard to believe all of the old beauty trends so near and dear to the hearts of Millennials are making their way into the more modern age of epic Olivia Rodrigo albums, work from home routines, and cringey TikTok dance routines (someone had to say it) ... And as a former jelly shoe wearing, Lizzie McGuire watching, butterfly clip loving 20-something myself — the latest trend of the early aughts to take flight is giving all the throwback feels in a major way.

You heard it here first: bedazzling has gotten a slight rebrand, and now, hair gems are totally in. Again.

Whether or not you have a hair pro on hand to perfectly style your locks with a constellation of sparkling rhinestones (like actor Florence Pugh at this year’s BAFTAs), lucky for you — BeautyTok has discovered a nifty hair gem tool that lets you experiment with the nostalgia-inducing look, stamping on colorful gems without all of the unwanted hassle. And at just under $30, it’s an easy way to amp up any Y2K-inspired hairstyle you may be rocking this summer and beyond. *Cue the Juicy Couture tracksuits, icy blue frosted eyeshadow, and early 2000s-approved braided tendrils.*

Yesenia Hipolito, a fashion and beauty-centric creator, recently got her hands on the now-viral hair gem tool, exclaiming how quickly and easily the gems “stick right on,” and are perfect “for festivals or [to use with] your kids.” And when paired with her easy-to-recreate spiked buns, the look is truly adorable.

While some Amazon reviews admit that the gems are really just stickers that you could technically peel off and stick to your stands without the tool ... It sure is satisfying to hear the loud stamp click as you apply them, isn’t it?