What We Know About UN/DN LAQR Launching In The UK

Machine Gun Kelly’s new nail brand is all about self-care and confidence.

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Just over one month on from the drop of Harry Styles’ Pleasing range and we already have another celebrity beauty line to get excited about. This time its Machine Gun Kelly, whose new nail polish collection – named UN/DN LAQR – is all about self-care and confidence.

Despite it coming as a surprise to fans, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) wrote on Instagram that he has been working on this line for some time now. In fact, UN/DN LAQR (pronounced “undone lacquer”) has taken a year to develop, making it a real labour of (self) love, which he confirmed to W magazine.

“Routines of self-care weren’t common the way I grew up and for the men I saw. Self care puts you in a position to go about your day, being confident and having your head high,” he told the publication.

The collection celebrates MGK’s love for expressive nail art. At the launch of UN/DN LAQR, the “Wild Boy” singer arrived attached by the nail to his girlfriend Megan Fox.

“I have a nail person, but even when me and my girl are bored in a hotel room in a different country or something, and we’re just sitting there watching a movie, that’s always a fun way to connect,” he explained to W.

The singer is determined to make this a nail polish brand with a difference. UN/DN LAQR is described as “a genderless nail polish brand that champions self-expression while breaking boundaries and redefining a new path forward.”

“At its core, UN/DN LAQR embodies a mindset and value system centred around creativity and does not conform to any gender norms set by traditional nail polish brands.”

In terms of what you can actually buy, the brand offers ten shades and five top coats, with all 15 items being 9-free (AKA non-toxic), vegan, and cruelty free. Colours include a hot pink, forrest green, and plenty of neutrals.

But here comes the bad news: UN/DN LAQR does not appear to be shipping to anywhere other than within the U.S. at the moment, and doesn’t seem to be stocked on outside retailers, meaning UK fans may have to wait their turn.

On its FAQ page, UN/DN LAQR’s official website says it “hope[s] to expand to other regions soon.” So keep your (well decorated) fingers crossed!

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