What You Need To Host An At-Home Spa Night With Friends

Because why not?

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If you want to cash in on some quality time with friends, but you also value your me time, there’s an easy way to combine socializing and self-care: an at-home spa night. It’s the best of both, all from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re planning some DIY elements — like a foot soak and pedicure — or you want professional-level skin care, having options means everyone can tailor their experience to their own liking. We’ve selected our favorite spa-night essentials for setting the mood, pampering, and giving the evening a few special touches. Just don’t be surprised if your friends never want to leave.

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The Ambiance

Half the pleasure of a great spa experience is the soothing ambiance, right? So go ahead and bust out the candles, turn on some tranquil music (or whatever zen sounds your friends like), and set the mood in your home base. Start by dimming the lights or turning them off altogether and using candles to illuminate your space. The Sage + Oat Milk Votive Candle Set from Keys Soulcare is amazing, because it comes with three mini sizes that you can scatter around different rooms. And the scent is specifically designed to calm and restore the mind. Music-wise, Spotify has countless relaxing playlists to choose from, including spa-specific stations like this one.

Another pro tip? Have some cozy blankets on deck and put out a pitcher of cold lemon or cucumber water. These are simple touches that add a little extra something-something that your friends are sure to appreciate.

The Products

When it comes to the actual beauty treatments for your spa night, stick to kits that make doing it yourself easy and soothing, gentle skin-care formulas that work for all types. This way, your friends can enjoy a little bit of everything regardless of their skill level or unique skin concerns. A few reliable options to have on hand are manicure and pedicure sets, like the ones from sundays and Olive & June; both DIY hair mask ingredients and hair masks for damage; and facial must-haves. For the latter, consider a gentle cleanser and exfoliator — both of which come in this Keys Soulcare Duo — and of course sheet masks, under-eye patches, and facial tools.

The Extras

Now for some seemingly small details that make a big difference. For one, tell your friends to arrive in pajamas or a robe — whatever they’re most comfortable in. This creates an immediate sense of relaxation and means everyone will be in tranquility mode the moment they step inside. Additionally, it can be nice to have hot towels available for people’s hands, as well as some finger snacks to munch on throughout the night. Might we suggest these epic appetizers from Trader Joe’s? You can’t go wrong.

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