45 Inexpensive Things That Make Everyone Look Way Better

A marvelous makeover is just a few dollars away.

Written by Allison Bolt
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Sometimes, looking better (even when you already look amazing) is simply about adding in a cheap little skin care step or a budget-friendly piece in your closet. Seriously, there’s no need to spend your entire paycheck on new, trendy jewelry, expensive hair treatments, or overpriced makeup.

Instead, scroll through these inexpensive things that make everyone look way better. They’re all super easy to work into your getting-ready routine or outfit rotation, and some of them are even genius hacks to turn the things you already have into improved pieces.


This Wrinkle-Removing Spray That Also Freshens Up Clothes

This wrinkle-removing spray is the easiest way to avoid your steamer or iron, and it will even tackle unwanted odors (in case you want to re-wear a wrinkly top). Spritz this budget-friendly spray on your favorite pieces because it will work on almost every fabric thanks to its bleach-free and non-toxic formula.


These Invisible Pimple Patches With Over 97,000 5-Star Reviews

These hydrocolloid patches are small and clear enough to stick on any painful pimple without being super noticeable. When they’re done shrinking spots and reducing redness and irritation, this matte finish patch will turn white to let you know. Plus, they’re durable enough to pop up on before you go to bed so you can wake up with clearer skin.


A Lash Curler With Luxe & Functional Features

This eyelash curler with comfy ergonomic handles comes with a luxe satin bag to keep it perfectly clean in your makeup bag. It also comes with soft and gentle silicone pads (plus replacement pads) to gently take care of your lashes every time you curl them. Meanwhile, the sturdy stainless steel material and glossy black finish will always look nice in your makeup bag.


A Nourishing & Easy-To-Carry Hair Wax Stick To Tame Flyaways

This beeswax hair stick deserves a spot in your routine because it’s super easy to use and moisturizing, to boot. Just quickly sweep it across a slicked-back style or your roots when your hair is down, and this concentrated formula will fix flyaways. At the same time, it has vitamin E, castor seed oil, and avocado oil, so it will also work like an on-the-go hydrating hair treatment.


This Sheer Tint Mineral Sunscreen With A Lightweight Finish

This SPF 30 mineral sunscreen is such a go-to because it comes with the most wearable and super sheer tint — no white cast here. The formula will blend way quicker than your foundation, and it will dry completely grease-free, so you can get out the door quicker. It also comes with ceramides and niacinamide, so it will add a glowy and moisturized finish to your look.


These Easy-To-Wear Stud Earrings With A Faux Stacked Design

These 14-karat gold-plated earrings might look like you’re wearing three on-trend huggie hoops, but they’re actually all on one easy-to-wear earring. You put these hypoallergenic earrings on just like your usual stud earrings, but it will look like you’ve stacked three chic little hoops (including two adorable glittery hoops).

  • Available styles: 16


A Vegan & Organic Teeth Whitener With A Compact Pen Design

This teeth whitener comes as a little easy-to-use pen, so it’s compact enough to store next to your toothbrush (even if your bathroom drawers are a bit cluttered). When you take the cap off of this enamel-safe formula that’s free of gluten, sulfates, and parabens, you will see it has a quick-to-use brush on top to make it even easier to take care of teeth stains in just seven to 10 days.


These Claw Clips With On-Trend Matte Styles

This adorable pack comes with eight claw clips, so you’ll always have one handy when you want to put your hair up (but you also want to skip the tight ponytail). Each one is super lightweight and comes with a trendy matte finish. Plus, you get two different chic claw clip shapes to choose from every day.

  • Available colors: 14


These Easy-To-Use Sponges That Erase Deodorant Stains

These little pink sponges are seriously genius because they’ll instantly take care of those inevitable deodorant stains and streaks that happen when you pull a top or dress on. They’re super compact and reusable, so you can even tuck these easy-to-use sponges in your dresser or pack them in your gym bag.


A Smudge-Free Brow Pencil That Feels Super Expensive

This budget-friendly brow pencil will honestly feel super luxe and expensive because it’s super creamy, and it even comes with a built-in brow brush — just like more expensive brands. The actual pencil comes with a perfectly precise fine tip and a smudge-free formula, so you’re honestly guaranteed a professional brow look.


A Callus-Removing Gel To Elevate Your Exfoliating Routine

Applying this soothing callus-removing gel will make exfoliating your feet a much more luxurious and gentle experience than it usually is. It only takes about 10 minutes for this gel to soften years’ worth of dry, callused skin, so you’ll barely have to use your pumice stone or exfoliator after.


This Tinted Lip Oil That’s Actually Comfy To Wear

This vitamin-packed tinted lip oil is the glowy, on-trend version of your usual lip stain. It’s even formulated with soothing apple water, which helps get rid of dead skin, and it’s even paired with raspberry extract for some antioxidants. It’s easy to apply, since it has a classic applicator, so this non-sticky water-like oil is completely mess-free.


A Color-Coded Nail Buffer With A Nail-Strengthening Design

This easy-to-use nail buffer comes with three different color-coded sides, so you always know which one to use first in your nail-care routine. You get a smoothing, shine-enhancing, and even nail growth-stimulating sides, which will leave your natural nails looking shiny, strong, and clean. This buffer comes with an easy how-to guide, which also includes how often to use each side for optimal nails.


These Reusable Nipple Covers That Are Totally Sweat-Proof

These nipple covers are water- and sweat-resistant, so they can even be your go-to bra option on hot days. The washable and reusable silicone is also super easy to re-stick every time you reach for a backless dress. As a bonus, these best-selling covers come with a sturdy and easy-to-pack case to easily carry them with you for travel.

  • Available colors: 5


This Gentle Curly Hair Brush That Can Help Add Shape & Volume

This easy-to-use sculpting brush is perfect for defining curly hair when it’s still wet or adding shape and volume to other hair types as you blow dry it. You get seven rows of professional-like bristles with a gentle, rounded design to help out with tangles without dragging or pulling your hair. This sleek-looking brush is a fan-favorite on Amazon, too, with over 63,000 five-star reviews.


This Versatile Setting Spray That Keeps Your Face Fresh For Hours

This makeup setting spray is the easiest way to ease your makeup routine, because all it takes is a few fine mist spritzes, and your look will be smudge- and crease-free for hours. Spritzing it on will add a ton of hydration to your skin after your usual makeup routine, but it also leaves behind an oil-free, matte finish.


The Silky Lamellar Water Hair Treatment That’s Works In 8 Seconds

This moisturizing hair treatment comes with a super precise applicator, so you can easily apply the lightweight formula all over your hair. It also comes with amino acids and a lameller water formula to add a bunch of shine and hydration in only eight seconds. Plus, it has measurements on the back, so you know exactly how much of this silky hair treatment to use for your hair type.


These Charcoal Oil Blotting Sheets With A 4.7-Star Rating

This pack of oil-blotting sheets comes in an easy-to-use case, so you can pull one out of your bag whenever you want that fresh-face feeling. Each one is made of bamboo with built-in charcoal to absorb oil, and they’ll even soothe your skin while they’re at it, which is why they’re a best-seller on Amazon with over 15,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating.


These Gold-Plated Necklaces With A Layered & Adjustable Design

This 18-karat gold plated layered necklace has already done all of the styling for you, and it will instantly make you look elevated. Both layers have different dainty styles that perfectly go together, and each one has an adjustable length. This pre-styled set is also made of super durable brass, which makes it sturdy yet delicate all at once.

  • Available styles: 20


This Sugar Lip Scrub With A Bright & Glowy Formula

This Hawaiian cane sugar lip scrub will gently scrub away dry, flaky skin. In addition to that, this scrub is infused with luxurious and expensive-feeling Kukui oil and shea butter, which hydrate and moisturize your lips at the same time. As a bonus, it will even brighten your skin before you apply your lip product for a perfect palette.


This Cheek & Lip Tint For A Quick, Shimmery Moment

It’s super easy to add this shimmery cheek and lip tint into your routine. The sheer, creamy formula will speed up your makeup because you can dot it on your lips and cheeks and quickly build up the color. Plus, it has chamomile, vitamins, ginseng, and more to soothe and nourish your skin. Plus, it comes in an adorable and easy-to-use tube to simplify your makeup bag.


This Chic Gold-Plated Facial Tool That Gets Rid Of Unwanted Peach Fuzz

This LED-lighted, gold-plated facial hair remover might look like an expensive lipstick tube in your bag, but it’s actually a super easy way to take care of any unwanted hair. If you prefer to remove peach fuzz, this chic little tool is precise, seriously gentle, and honestly feels more luxurious than other shaving options without leaving any little bumps.


This Cooling & Nourishing Under-Eye Balm That’s Super Adorable

This cooling and de-puffing under-eye balm comes with a little polar bear cap on top, so it will look adorable on your bathroom counter. Not only will it be a refreshing part of your morning routine, but this easy-to-use stick also comes with nourishing ceramides, Iceland moss, active marine ingredients, and more to create a deeply moisturizing formula.


This Best-Selling Hemming Tape That You Just Iron On

With this iron-on hemming tape for heavy fabric, you can go ahead and hem denim or those trendy trousers that you haven’t worn. It comes on a huge roll with 8 yards of tape, and the adhesive will keep your clothes at the right length, even after washing.


This Luxe Jojoba Cuticle Oil For Softer Skin & Stronger Nails

This nourishing oil is packed with moisturizing jojoba oil, so it will leave your cuticles feeling softer and your nails stronger than they would after you go to the nail salon. This chic bottle comes with a classic nail polish applicator, so you can easily paint this almond seed and vitamin E-packed treatment on your nails and cuticles.


These Jewelry Cleaning Pens With An Easy, Mess-Free Brush Design

These jewelry cleaners come with precise little brushes on the end, so you can quickly clean and polish around every gemstone. There’s no need to make a huge mess either because you simply twist the top of this mess-free pen and brush it on to polish up platinum, gold, diamonds, and more.


This Super Popular Glossy Spray For Long-Lasting Glass Hair

This water-repelling anti-frizz spray is such an easy way to create that glass hair moment that’s so trendy right now. If you don’t believe me, believe the 40,000 people who bought this in the last month. Not only does it create a shiny and smooth finish, but it will even make it feel like you had a pricey keratin treatment. This non-greasy mist also works for up to four washes, and you can even skip your heat protectant when you use it.


A Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush For Every Piece Of Clothing

This fabric shaver is completely battery-free, so it’s always ready to go and quick-to-use when you’re getting dressed. Unlike other shavers, this one comes with three different heads, so you can use it to fix up all of the pilling pieces in your closet (even delicate tops). Plus, you get a handy lint brush on the other end to pick up all of the fuzz and pills.


These Fancy & Refreshing Sheet Masks That Are Infused With Collagen

These skin-plumping sheet masks have a collagen peptide formula, which makes your skin look brighter and refreshed — even if you’re feeling dull and tired. The wearable sheet mask design is soaked heavily in hydrating serum and super comfy, which makes wearing this refreshing mask for up to 20 minutes a relaxing, spa-like process.


An Expensive-Looking Water Flosser With 3 Modes & 4 Tips

Not only will this water flosser elevate your dental care routine, but it will also look way nicer in your bathroom than classic floss. It has three different speed settings to suit your needs, and all of them are easier than classic floss. Plus, you get four different jet tips, so you always have a clean one ready to go for your bedtime routine.


A Best-Selling Toning Hair Mask That Also Strengthens Your Locks

Amp up your toning routine with this luxurious and super easy-to-use purple hair mask. You apply it just like a classic hair mask, but the deeply violet color will take care of brassiness or even hints of yellow in your hair. Meanwhile, the purple formula also comes with soy protein and vitamin B5, so it will still strengthen your hair like your usual go-to mask.


This Versatile Double-Sided Tape To Make Outfits Comfier

You’ll reach for this double-sided tape all the time because it will fix those pieces in your closet that you never wear. It’s completely transparent, so you can use it to secure thin straps, loose blouses, strapless pieces, and more. They’re also pre-cut in 3-inch strips, so they’re super quick to apply to your clothes.


This Vitamin C Serum That’ll Make Your Skin So Bright & Glowing

With this 20% vitamin C serum with hyaluronic acid, you’ll get all of the glowiness you need in your skincare routine with one easy drop. Simply use the dropper bottle, and this serum with ferulic acid will even help out with painful acne or unwanted uneven color spots and scars.


An Easy-To-Apply Eyeshadow Stick With A Glowing, Waterproof Finish

This 100% waterproof cream eyeshadow stick comes with a metallic finish that gives you that illuminated look without a bunch of glitter. You also get a built-in smudge sponge on one side, so you won’t even have to reach for a brush with this vitamin-infused eyeshadow.


These Anti-Breakage Silk Scrunchies That Look So Expensive

These 100% pure mulberry silk scrunchies are honestly the easiest way to make yourself look more put together when you toss your hair up. Unlike classic elastic or cloth scrunchies, this glossy pack will help reduce frizz and breakage, all while adding a touch of glam to even the most casual look.

  • Available colors: 37


These Clever Clips To Customize The Fit Of Your Clothes

These clever clips make it super easy to cinch the back of oversized tees or a dress that could fit just a little bit better. The clips have plastic teeth, so they’re gentle enough to pair with delicate fabrics. It’s also easy to hide this stretchy and versatile clip underneath your top or dress, and you can even use them to tighten jeans or trousers.


This Brightening & Exfoliating Cream That Gets Rid Of Unwanted Bumps

This soothing and brightening exfoliating cream will take care of all of the usual culprits like dry skin, but it will also help with any unwanted keratosis pilaris bumps. How? The lactic and glycolic acids give your skin some gentle chemical exfoliation, while the pumice stone buffing beads add in a bit of classic physical exfoliation.


This Tinted Gloss With A Silky & Hydrating Oil Formula

Not only does this lip gloss come in an adorably trendy mini tube, but it’s also super hydrating and non-sticky for a gloss. It has a shiny lip oil formula with vegan squalane that will moisturize for up to 12 hours, and it comes with an oversized applicator to make applying this oil formula easier.


This Texturizing Hair Mist With Bonus Humidity & UV Protection

This coconut argan oil hair mist gives you that beachy texture, and it blocks humidity to stop your perfectly voluminous hair from frizzing. Misting on this lightweight formula will leave behind a matte finish, and it will even protect your hair from UV rays. Of course, this sea spray is also topped off with sea kelp and salt to make it feel very authentic.


A Gold-Plated Ring With A Sparkly Criss-Cross Design

This sparkling 14-karat gold-plated ring is so chic and minimalist that you’ll reach for it all the time. The comfy-to-wear criss-cross design will look like you stacked two expensive and glittery rings, especially because the cubic zirconia stones will really shine. Despite its classic components, it’s unique enough to stand out next to your other rings or jewelry.

  • Available sizes 4 — 10
  • Available colors: 3


A Soothing Jade Roller Set That Looks So Chic

Not only will this jade roller give you a super calming facial massage, but it also comes in a soothing spa-like kit with a matching gua sha. The 100% jade design with rose gold accents will look seriously chic next to your skin care. Plus, the roller will be completely squeak-free during your relaxing facial massage.


These Adorable, Easy-To-Use Pins To Fix Baggy Waistbands

These teddy bear-shaped pins are a super easy way to fix your jeans or trousers if they’re too big. You can clip these adorable metallic bears onto pants or skirts without any sewing involved and then pull them together to tighten the waistband. You also get four different colors to match these cute pins to your outfit or jewelry.


This Pack Of Headbands With The Prettiest Styles

With this pack of headbands, you’ll have six of the trendiest options ready to go when you’re getting ready in the morning. You get a mix of chic puffy headband options and even some dainty beaded and pearl styles, so you can wear these to work, date night, or while running errands. Plus, they all have a soft design that’s super comfy to wear.


This Waterproof Eyeliner With A Glittery, Color-Shifting Formula

Not only is this eyeliner packed with glitter, but it also has a glossy metallic finish to make it look even more vibrant. It also has a color-shifting formula that will change your makeup looks as you turn your head. You can also layer this shiny liner to create an extra-bold look, and it’s completely waterproof, so it will stay put.


These Thin, Sleek Belts With A Genius Adjustable Design

This pack of trendy faux-leather belts comes with a genius adjustable design. Instead of a classic belt buckle, you adjust the fit at the back with super low-profile sliding accents. On the front, you get a slim and on-trend gold-tone buckle that looks super sleek with everything.

  • Available colors: 19