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Kim Kardashian Wore 3 Different Outfits Yesterday & They're All So Good

All Balenciaga everything, naturally.

Kim Kardashian arrives to ABC's "Good Morning America" wearing tiger print pantaboots and sunglasses
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Just when you thought New York Fashion Week was over, Kim Kardashian hits the pavement with looks on looks on looks — literally, she wore three different looks.

Tuesday was a busy day for the fashion and beauty mogul. She first made an appearance on Good Morning America to promote season two of The Kardashians, set to premiere on Hulu Thursday. Later that day, luxury footwear brand Stuart Weitzman announced that Kardashian will serve as the brand ambassador for their Fall 2022 Campaign, “Stand Strong.” At the same time, Kardashian’s loungewear line SKIMS announced an expansion to bras, with iconic campaign stars like Brooke Shields, Indya Moore, and Becky G.

Naturally, Kardashian donned a different outfit for each occasion. Her first look of the day included a skin tight black lycra turtleneck top with glove attachments and her beloved Balenciaga pantaboots in tiger print. Her matching Balenciaga accessories went crazy: a furry handbag and Balenciaga credit card earrings (just in case you didn’t already know she was rich).

Of course, with Paris fashion week around the corner, Kardashian is likely serving up looks ahead of Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2023 show scheduled for October 2. Consider this the show before the show.

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Raymond Hall/GC Images/Getty Images
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For look number two, Kardashian appeared to switch out her pantaboots for a more casual option: a high-waisted black maxi skirt. She ditched the black card earrings and swapped the fur bag for a motorcycle helmet-inspired handbag.

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Her third look of the day featured a black trench coat and bustier top, with wide-leg pants and another pair of oversize sports sunnies — this time, with an electric blue trim.

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I think it’s safe to say: she really did that.