Suiting Up

Managing Social Anxiety Through Vintage Dress

How this horror screenwriter uses 1940s fashion to find balance.

by Irina Dvalidze
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Nialla "Ginngi" LeBouef who manages social anxiety through vintage dress

They were dangerous, mysterious... and had real gumption. Femme Fatales brought grit and glamour to film noir, but did you know that they were also an embodiment of male anxiety in the post-war era? Meet Nialla "Ginngi" LeBouef, a New York-based screenwriter, who finds inspiration in these iconic characters.

As part of Bustle's series Suiting Up, LeBouef told us about how the meticulous process of getting dressed in vintage, while maintaining the upkeep of 60-plus-year-old clothes, helps her find meditative moments in a hectic world.

To stay up to date with LeBouef and her vintage exploration, you can follow her here.

Suiting Up is an editorial video series by Bustle exploring the intersection of fashion and identity. We speak with individuals who have a singular style and a dramatic way that fashion and beauty has helped them understand and express themselves.

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