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This $18 Cream Blush Gave Me Dewy Cherub Skin

It’s limited edition, so I recommend stocking up.

I’ll just come out and say it: matte products are out, and creamy products are in. One of my newest obsessions within this category are cream blushes. Who doesn’t love a rosy flush on their cheeks? Plus, cream blush gives you an easily bendable and long-lasting tint. I've scoured my nearest Sephora for the ideal cream blush and although there are tons of options, not every product hit the mark. In my quest to find some of the best cream blush options, Mary Kay’s Gel Cream Blush absolutely rose to the occasion.

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The Review

Mary Kay’s Cream Blush comes in a portable little tube, which houses a lightweight, easy-to-apply gel formula. The packaging is definitely a sell — it’s sturdy, the lid doesn’t come loose, and I won’t be worried about the tube being damaged when thrown in a makeup bag or while traveling. It’s a cushiony, buildable product — meaning I can start off with a little and add more as I go on. It never gets thick or cakey, since the gel formula easily melts into my skin. This also means that it looks great on top of my foundation and concealer, as well as bare skin. The formula also allows for a more dewy look, which creates a naturally-sunkissed effect I wouldn’t find with a powdered blush.

It comes in four colors: Dewy Peach, Blushing Pink, Simply Rosy, and Berry Happy. These color options are set to look great on various complexions and skin tones. I tested out Dewy Peach and I love the peachy-toned finish it left. I chose to apply the product and blend it with my fingertips, but it can also be applied using a brush or a makeup sponge.

It isn’t simply a wash of color either — this blush is formulated with hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture and avoid any dryness or flakiness. The powerhouse skincare ingredient has a number of abilities, such as improving the skin’s elasticity and reducing wrinkles and fine lines; in the case of this cream blush, it helped my skin look bouncy and soft after applying the blush.


How It Compares To The Competition

Compared to other cream blushes I’ve tried, this blush definitely is a top contender for favorite. The winning aspect for me was truly the gel formula. Since I prefer to apply and blend cream products with my finger, I find some cream blushes are too thick and I have to resort to using a makeup sponge, but this melted so easily into my skin and didn’t make me feel like I had tons of product caked onto my cheeks.


If you’re looking for the perfect blush to leave you sun-kissed and glowing, Mary Kay’s is definitely worth a try — plus, at $18, it’s more affordable than its pricier counterparts. And the little tube goes a long way.