TikTokers Are Taking Neon Eyeliner To The Next Level

Amp up your basic winged liner.

Neon eyeliner is brighter and bolder, thanks to this TikTok makeup trick. Just put a white eyeshadow...

It’s no secret that this year, color is totally in across beauty and fashion categories. From BarbieCore-inspired fuchsia to statement-making rainbow nails, summer is truly the perfect time to experiment with all of those bright hues one may typically stray away from in lieu of easy, low-key neutrals. And the latest beauty trend to go viral on TikTok’s platform is just that — colorful and playful.

In direct contrast with the clean girl aesthetic (which has inspired a million and one micro-trends, like the slicked-back bun, gym lips, transparent eyeliner, and more), the LED eyeliner hack (also referred to as neon liner) is all about adding a pop of neon to your eye makeup look — but with a unique twist.

Starting with simple winged eyeliner painted in a bright white hue, makeup-loving creators are then dipping into their eyeshadow palettes, opting for matte colors like hot pink, electric blue, and vibrant green, for example. Patting the pigment directly on top of the white eyeliner, they are able to achieve a color payoff that is true-to-tone and highly-pigmented, which is much harder to create directly on top of bare skin. And while this technique seems like nothing new or groundbreaking, the world of TikTok has taken the look a step further.

Once your wing is completely filled in with whichever color you’d prefer, you then dip a tiny fluffy brush back into that same eyeshadow hue, and begin to softly blend just outside the lines of the wing. The crisp wing transforms, appearing to cast a subtle glow around the sharp edges that mimics the look of a neon sign up in lights. The result is brilliant, if you ask me.

In another tutorial video, TikTok creators attempt the same look but with a slightly different technique ... After the same process, some opt to retrace a slightly thinner white line for a more statement-making neon eyeliner look that isn’t as subtle as the one above.

Are you into the trend for summer?

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