No One Would Know You Spent Less Than $25 On These Clever Home Upgrades

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No One Would Know You Spent Less Than $25 On These Clever Home Upgrades

Home upgrades can be pricey, but we’ve created a list of 40 clever products that make a huge difference without costing your month’s rent. Get organized, take your entertaining game up a notch, and add a touch of luxury all for under $25. Yep, you heard that right.

If your home lacks storage space, we’ve got some seriously smart solutions for you, like this floating shelf to utilize an empty corner or a set of concealed wall-mounted shelves that’ll hold stacks of books and add a cool minimalist design statement to your space. There are also lid organizers that’ll totally make you feel like a professional organizer stopped by your kitchen — but for under $15.

Entertain in style this season and add a glass drink dispenser to your serving table, along with these cute mason jar mugs with handles for a fun way to present cocktails. And because you deserve a little luxury in your life, get this bamboo tray table and enjoy a lazy breakfast in bed anytime you choose. This is luxury on a budget — keep reading for more.


These $14 Battery-Operated Light Strips That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Kitchen

Upgrade your kitchen with sleek under-cabinet lighting that looks way more expensive than the $14 that these light strips cost. The 3-foot strips are easy to hide and have a power button at one end that you can attach to the surface using the included heavy duty double-sided adhesive tape. Skip the pricey electrician’s bill and install these battery-operated (yep, no wiring at all) light strips instead.


A Hypoallergenic Pillow Protector That Protects Against Bacteria, Bugs And Fluids

Protect your pillow with this waterproof zippered protector made from a hypoallergenic cotton terry material. It protects against allergens, perspiration, fluids and dust mites and is an affordable choice for under $25. The cotton terry is breathable so it keeps your bed cool and dry, and it’s noiseless for minimal disturbance while you sleep. The pillow protector is available in three sizes, including standard, Queen and King.


These Rubber Door Stoppers That Works On Any Surface

Hold doors open with a set of these heavy duty rubber door stoppers that work on any surface and fit in a gap up to two-inches tall. Use them on hardwood, linoleum, tile or concrete floors and conveniently store them in provided holders that can be mounted on the wall next to the door. The nonslip bottom means they can hold even the heaviest of doors, and to ensure the stoppers don’t stick out like a sore thumb, they’re available in five colors to match your doors or flooring.


A Memory Foam Seat Cushion That Contours To Your Body And Has A Cooling Gel Layer For Extra Comfort

If you spend hours sitting in your desk chair and are starting to feel the strain, support your back with this memory foam seat cushion. The core is made from memory foam that contours to your body and has a cooling gel layer on top. It also has a removable cover that’s machine washable for easy maintenence. Stay comfortable and give your back a break without investing in a pricey chair thanks to this clever seat accessory.


These Air Vent Filters To Trap Dust And Allergens

Keep the air in your home dust and allergen free by using these air vent filters that can be cut to size and attached to vents using the provided velcro tape. The highly absorbent filters trap small dust and dirt particles without affecting air flow. Each roll provides enough material for approximately 30 vents, which is a seriously good deal for just $17.


A Set Of Glass Meal Prep Containers To Upgrade Your Old Plastic Ones

Replace your old plastic food storage containers (that are likely missing half their lids) with this set of three leakproof glass meal prep containers. They are both microwave and oven-safe, which means they double as bakeware. Their stackable design makes them easy to store whether they’re empty or filled with leftovers in the fridge, and the snap-on lids ensure an airtight seal every time.


A Wireless Doorbell You Can Personalize With Custom Chimes

Upgrade your old school doorbell with this wireless doorbell kit that includes a transmitter and a receiver, as well as a battery with a three-year lifespan. Choose from 52 chimes, four volume levels, and 10 light colors to customize the doorbell to suit your preferences. There’s also a silent mode that you’ll appreciate if you have a sleeping baby or easily excitable dog in the house. The doorbell is waterproof and weatherproof, so whether it’s sunny, rainy or there’s a blizzard outside, it won’t miss a beat.


This Waterproof Spot Flashlight That Shines The Length Of Two Football Fields

Say goodbye to that flimsy old flashlight you’ve had for years and replace it with this LED flashlight that shines an ultra-bright light the length of two football fields. It’s waterproof and has the ability to float, which makes it perfect for camping, fishing or canoeing. It also has an easy to hold handle and can survive a 10-foot drop. If you’ve ever spent hours in the dark because of a power outage, get this flashlight and you’ll be prepared the next time a big storm rolls in.


A Growing Kit That Includes Everything You Need To Grow 3 Types Of Bonsai Trees

Try your hand at planting bonsai trees with this gardening kit that includes 100% hand-selected seeds to grow a mountain pine, red maple and silver birch. The kit includes all the supplies you’ll need — the seeds, growing pots, peat blocks, propagation bags, plant markers and a booklet with sewing and growing tips. To grow your very own bonsai tree, simply follow the instructions, place the little pot in direct sunlight and watch it grow.


A Sewing Kit With More Than 100 Pieces For Quick Repairs

Get all your sewing essentials in one handy kit that includes over 100 pieces for all your repair needs. From 20 different colored spools of thread, a pin cushion and scissors, to measuring tape and a metal thimble, this collection’s got you covered. The kit comes in an open-flat leather case which makes it easy to grab for travel and helps you keep your sewing supplies neat and organized.


This Two-Tier Floating Shelf To Utilize An Empty Corner

Add function and a decorative touch to an empty corner with this two-tier corner floating shelf. It’s easy to mount on the wall and comes with all the necessary hardware, and is available in a wood, gray and espresso finishes. More than 1,600 reviewers have given it five stars and love it for its sturdiness, ease of assembly, and unique look.


These Sleek Acrylic Floating Shelves That Look Way More Expensive Than They Actually Are

Create a stylish storage solution for your nail polish collection or perfume bottles with these wall-mounted acrylic floating shelves. The thick acrylic material, rounded edges and low-profile design make them look way more expensive than they actually are and give them such a high-end feel. The shelves have pre-drilled holes so they are easy to hang, and they’ll look great wherever you place them — the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, they’re that versatile.


A Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar So You Can Stay Organized And Never Miss An Appointment

Stay on top of doctor’s appointments, family birthdays, and work events with this magnetic dry erase calendar. It includes a monthly calendar, a shopping list, and six markers with eraser tips that all have magnets and can be stuck on the fridge. It’s the little things that make all the difference, and this calendar is a game-changer for staying organized and having visible reminders of day-to-day appointments.


This Bamboo Paper Towel Holder You Can Mount On The Wall To Save Counter Space

Save space on your countertops with this wall-mounted paper towel holder made of lightweight bamboo. Reviewers say they’ve installed it in their kitchens, bathrooms, garages and RVs and love how durable and easy to mount it is. To clean the holder, simply wipe it down with warm soapy water and apply bamboo oil occasionally to restore shine and extend lifespan.


A Glass Drink Dispenser To Take Your Entertaining Game Up A Notch

Take your entertaining game to the next level and bring out this glass drink dispenser at your next party or backyard barbecue. The mason jar-style gallon dispenser sits on an elegant stand and has a non-drip spigot to prevent messes, which makes it super practical, especially if you have kids. Fill it with homemade lemonade and lots of lemon slices for a refreshing treat on a scorching hot day or delicious, fruity sangria to enjoy on a cool summer night.


An LED Umbrella Light For Some Ambiance And Extra Outdoor Lighting

Add ambiance to your summer evenings on the patio with this LED umbrella light that has a dimmer so you can adjust its brightness level. The light attaches to the umbrella pole and can be controlled with a remote that has auto shut-off options and a dimmer, and works from up to 50-feet away. It’s battery-operated and has a 75-hour run time of bright white glow.


This Lazy Susan Turntable So You Can Organize Your Pantry Like A Pro

Get rid of the clutter and organize your pantry like a pro with this two-tiered bamboo lazy Susan turntable. It rotates 360 degrees and is a great way to store cans, condiments and spices so they’re always easily visible and accessible. Place the turntable inside a cabinet, on a pantry shelf or in your fridge and never have to rummage through countless boxes and bottles to find what you need again. To clean, simply wipe the bamboo down with warm soapy water.


These Mason Jar Mugs With Handles For A Unique Way To Serve Party Drinks

Serve iced tea, fruit-infused water or summer cocktails in these adorable mason jar mugs with handles. They’re perfect for on the go since they’re easy to grab and the mugs come with lids not just to prevent spillage, but also so you can prep drinks in advance and chill them in the fridge. For just $21, they’re the perfect rustic addition to your entertaining or everyday glass collection.


A Fluffy Faux Fur Area Rug That’ll Cozy Up Your Home On A Budget

Cozy up your home on a budget with this fluffy faux fur area rug that’ll add texture and comfort to your space. It has thick non-slip backing that keeps it in place and durable threading that prevents it from shedding. The soft polyester that it’s made from is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and the rug is available in six sizes and nine colors to fit whatever size and style your room is.


This Foldable Bamboo Bed Tray For The Ultimate Breakfast In Bed

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of a lazy weekend breakfast in bed with this foldable bamboo bed tray. The tray is made from 100% bamboo for an elegant look and sturdy construction and its legs fold in for easy carrying and storage. The lip around the edges of the tray prevents dishes and food from sliding off and dirtying your bed, which is also a plus, especially if you just washed your duvet cover.


A Suction Cup Caddy With Shelf And Hook Space

Attach this suction cup caddy in your bathroom or above your kitchen countertops for sleek storage under $25. It works on ceramic tile, glass, marble and wood walls, doesn’t require any tools for installation and is easily removable. It’s also waterproof and can hold up to 22-pounds, so you can fill the shelf with your favorite shampoo, conditioner and hair masks, and hang shower accessories on the fence hooks and not worry the whole thing will come tumbling down.


This Pop-Up Floss Dispenser That’ll Inspire You To Floss More

Spend $13 on this pop-up floss dispenser and keep your pearly whites white and reduce your dental work bills at the same time. It may not seem like a necessity, but once you try it, you’ll never go back. To use the dispenser, just press the button and it’ll release one floss pick at a time and keep the rest safely sealed. It’s small enough not to take up too much room on your vanity and to throw in your suitcase when you’re traveling.


A Collapsible Party Tray So You Can Serve Desserts Like A Fancy Pastry Chef

Display festive cupcakes or delicate macarons in style on this collapsible three-tier party tray that’ll elevate any serving table. The three trays are made from plastic so they are lightweight and easily washable, and the whole stand is collapsible for space-saving storage. Plus you know it’s good if it has a 4.7-star overall rating from more than 5,000 Amazon shoppers.


This Bed Maker And Mattress Lifter So You Can Make A Hotel-Style Bed In No Time

Forget trying to tuck in the sheets and straining your back lifting that heavy mattress; get this nifty bed maker and mattress lifter instead and get those pristine tucks and folds every time. The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold so you don’t hurt your back, neck or shoulders. Slide it between the mattress and box springs for up to a five-inch lift and you won’t believe how much easier it will be to make the bed every morning and how much neater it will look.


These Black Marble Coasters That’ll Protect Your Table While Looking Super Chic

Protect your table with these chic black marble coasters that are handmade and polished. They have felt pads on the bottom to avoid scratching your surfaces and are easy to clean with a soft cloth. You can’t go wrong with marble, it’s timeless and classic, and at this price, it’s a serious steal. Get them for your home or give them as a housewarming gift with a set of cute mugs or a nice bottle of wine.


A Set Of Heavy Duty Command Strip Hooks So You Don’t Have To Patch Any Holes In The Wall

If you don’t want to hammer nails into the wall or live in a rental and don’t want to deal with patching up holes, these jumbo-sized command wall hooks will save the day. Use them to hang cleaning tools such as brooms or festive seasonal wreathes on doors, then cleanly remove them without any leftover residue on the surface. The hooks can be applied to painted walls, tile, glass, wood, metal, laminate and concrete, both inside and outside.


This Wall-Mounted Dry Storage Dispenser To Save Precious Counter Space

Install this minimalist dry storage dispenser in your kitchen, pantry or bathroom and save precious counter or shelf space. Use it for small particle dry goods such as rice, coffee beans or black beans in the kitchen, or bath salts and laundry detergent in a bathroom or laundry room. It can hold up to 6 pounds of rice or other ingredients, comes with two measuring cups, and has an airtight lid that seals the contents inside.


These Shower Door Hooks For Extra Spots To Hang Towels

Increase your bathroom storage by using these hooks over your shower door to hang towels and other bath accessories. They’re made from a nonslip and anti-scratch material to protect your shower door and come in four different finishes including a modern matte black and a vintage-style gold. Use them on frameless doors and save yourself from having to drill or use stick on hooks that may damage the surface.


A Plug-In Dimmer You Can Use With Table And Floor Lamps

If you wish your table lamp had a dimmer, get this clever plug-in dimmer and easily adjust lamp brightness without having to do any wiring. It’s compatible with most table and floor lamps and has a 6-foot long cord for convenience. For just $14, this little contraption will totally transform the atmosphere in the room and create an inviting ambience.


This Digital Alarm Clock That Doubles As A Makeup Mirror

Is it a clock? Is it a mirror? That’s right, this digital clock doubles as a makeup mirror thanks to the HD mirror display, so you’re seriously getting bang for your buck with this purchase. The clock has three brightness settings and dual USB charging ports so you can charge your devices while you sleep. It also has a snooze button, as every good alarm clock should.


A Stylish Towel Bar That’s Self-Adhesive For Easy Installation

Add this stylish towel bar to your bathroom without a drill, hammer or nails — it’s self-adhesive. The heavy duty adhesive can be attached to smooth surfaces such as ceramic tile, glass or metal, and the towel bar can be used 24 hours after installation. It’s available in five lengths and three finishes, and looks like a luxe fixture no one will believe cost you $15.


A Versatile Wooden Stand To Hold Dishes, Lids, Or Books

Use this stylish bamboo stand to hold dishes, cookbooks or lids in your kitchen. It’s compact enough to place on a small countertop and its design makes it both sturdy and durable. To clean it, just wipe the stand with a damp towel but don’t submerge it in water or leave it in direct sunlight for long periods of time. It comes in four pieces and to put it together, simply twist the pegs into the side rails, no tools necessary.


These Colorful Toilet Night Lights That Have A Motion Sensor

File these colorful toilet night lights under products you never knew you needed but totally do. They’re available in 16 different colors, are compatible with any toilet and have a motion sensor that turns them on. The lights have five adjustable brightness levels, and besides looking super cool and making potty-training a little more fun, you won’t have to turn the overhead light on every time you use the bathroom at night.


This Multi-Plug Outlet That’s Also A Handy Shelf

Add this multi-plug outlet to your bathroom or next to your nightstand so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously and gain extra shelf space. It has three outlets and two USB ports and the removable shelf is large enough to hold an electric toothbrush or phone. The outlet also has a built-in nightlight and a dimmer to control brightness.


A Magnetic Cable Wrangler To Keep Your Cords Organized And Desk Clean

Organize all those tangled cords and give yourself a clean work surface using this magnetic cable wrangler. It has enough weight to stay in place and is covered in an elegant tweed-like fabric to make it a stylish desk accessory. The cable organizer can hold multiple cords, comes in four colors and includes three cable collars. It has an overall 4.7-star rating from over 2,000 shoppers and one said it “works perfect and looks awesome as well”.


This Mixer Slider To Make Moving Heavy Kitchen Appliances So Much Easier

If you love your stand mixer but don’t exactly love having to lug it from one spot to another, this handy appliance mover will make it so much easier. It’s made from rubber and cloth to easily glide without scratching your countertops and has a small handle you can use to pull it. The mat is designed to fit under a standard stand mixer and can be stored underneath it for convenience and ease of use.


These Concealed Floating Bookshelves For A Minimalist Design Statement

Hang these concealed floating bookshelves on your wall for a minimalist design statement and unique way to store your favorite reads. The L-shaped shelves can hold up to 15-pounds of books each and include all the necessary hardware to mount them on the wall. If you’re tight on space and need a creative storage solution, get these $21 shelves that reviewers say are sturdy, easy to hang and look great on the walls.


A Set Of Lid Organizers You Can Mount Inside Kitchen Cabinets

Mount these plastic organizers on the inside of your kitchen cabinet and store lids neatly and safely. The set includes four organizers that can hold small to medium sized pots that have a diameter between 6 and 9.5inches. There’s no need to drill any holes, just use the provided strong adhesive tape to attach the organizers on a clean, smooth surface.


These Classic Can Tumbler Glasses For A Fun Way To Serve Drinks

Serve adult beverages or kids’ smoothies in these adorable classic can tumbler glasses that’ll add a fun twist to parties and family get-togethers for under $20. The glasses are designed to be able to hold all the soda foam a can would, and they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Get the same hand-holding shape of a can but with a touch of elegance that’ll eliminate clutter and trash at the same time.


A Bedside Water Carafe Set To Dress Up Your Nightstand

Replace that plastic water bottle with this sophisticated bedside water carafe set that’ll make you feel like you’re staying at a fancy hotel. The glass serves as a lid for the carafe to keep the beverage or liquid inside fresh, and you could use this set for everything from water and orange juice to mouthwash. The mini size of the carafe makes it a great personal drink holder and a nice touch for a guest room.