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Olive & June Launched A Quick-Dry Polish That Actually Lasts

Chips, begone.

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Courtesy of Olive & June

When Sarah Gibson Tuttle created Olive & June, she wanted to create an easy, effective nail polish line that not only provided a wide range of colors, but sparked joy for its consumers. The brand launched with its best-selling Long Lasting Polish line, and today, is continuing its legacy of creating products that deliver quality at-home manicures with the brand-new Quick Dry Polish — and spoiler alert, it definitely sparks joy.

“When we started thinking about [creating] the products, I was really specific about how they would work,” said Tuttle. Most other quick-dry polish formulas chip more quickly than traditional polish, but Olive & June claims their new formula stays on nails 45% longer than the competition. In addition, the intense color pay-off makes it possible to finish your mani in only one or two coats — making it way easier to squeeze in your at-home mani on-the-go or in-between tasks. Tuttle’s biggest goal was to create a polish that lasts, so the Quick Dry Polish is meant to last over five days.

Courtesy of Olive & June

The formula of Olive & June’s Quick Dry Polish differs from the classic Long Lasting Polish due to the amount of resin in the paint, which had to be adjusted in order to create a more lightweight formula without sacrificing pigment payoff. In terms of color, the Quick Dry Polish comes in 19 shades that range from the classic black and white to a myriad of pastels and brights. Tuttle said she wanted to provide a ton of color options at a more accessible price point of just $7.50 a bottle.

“My biggest dream in the world is to have a mass consumer line,” said Tuttle. “The most important thing is that as many people as possible can afford the amazingness that is Olive & June.”

My Review

After trying out the Olive & June Quick Dry Polish myself, I found that it really does dry in about a minute. After painting two coats and adding a top coat, it felt like the polish dried immediately and I was able to continue my day without having to worry about it smudging. I also found that it was super long-lasting, with only a few minor chips on the edges that were an easy fix with a quick reapplication of my chosen color and the Quick Dry Top Coat. I have continued to use the polish and switch up my color every couple of weeks. If you prefer to do your own at-home manis, but don’t want the hassle of the dry time wait, the Olive & June Quick Dry Polish is truly the best polish to try.

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