PSA: Dove’s New Body Love Collection Specifically Caters To People With Skin Conditions

A must-try for anyone struggling with compromised skin.

To all of my angels with uncooperative, uncomfortable skin, this one is for you. Our insightful friends at Dove know that you’re so over dealing with dry, irritated skin, which is why the beloved skin-care brand collaborated with top beauty editors and leading dermatologists to create their new Body Love shower collection. Specially formulated to target an array of skin conditions, the expert-approved line of sulfate and paraben-free cleansers aims to promote happy and healthy post-shower skin.

Whether you struggle with insufferable dryness (been there!), eczema, or hypersensitivity, there’s a Body Love formula to tackle your specific skin concerns. Read on to discover more about Dove’s game-changing shower collection and the cleanser best suited to care for your unique skin-care needs.

For Ultra-Dry Skin

If you’ve ever dealt with a super-dry epidermis, my condolences go out to you. Flaky skin that feels rough and tends to crack even after moisturizing is far from ideal. The remedy? Dove’s new Dry-Cracked Replenish body wash and bar soap. Developed with pro ceramides to prevent moisture loss and encourage healthy skin, both formulas gently cleanse to deliver immediate relief from dryness and a whopping 24 hours of nourishment. (Note: For a bit of extra love, the creamy wash contains the brand’s specialized 10x Moisture Restore Complex.)

For Eczema

The core ingredient in Dove’s Eczema-Prone Skin Care body cleansers is colloidal oatmeal — which, if you aren’t privy — can be a total skin-saver for those with this common skin condition. This is because colloidal oatmeal is clinically proven to soothe dry, itchy, irritated skin. Both the wash and bar help to alleviate the aforementioned symptoms to leave skin looking and feeling healthier all around. Again, the wash features Dove’s 10x Moisture Restore Complex to provide top notch hydration.

For Extra Sensitive Skin

What makes Dove’s Hyper-Reactive Skin Balance body wash so special, you ask? Well, its pH-balanced formula utilizes just *12* ingredients to minimize the chances of an adverse reaction. Unlike the other Body Love washes mentioned, this cleanser has a gel-like texture instead of a creamy feel, albeit it’s equally as luxurious and effective nonetheless. For skin that feels clean and moisturized sans any irritation after showering, you can’t go wrong.