Sabrina & Idris Elba’s Skincare Brand S’ABLE Labs Is Finally Here

Plus, five more beauty launches to get excited about this week.

Idris & Sabrina Elba’s Skincare Brand S'ABLE Labs Is Finally Here
Alex Piper

Actor, musician, producer, part-time DJ, kickboxer, telly presenter and now skincare guru. Honestly, is there anything that Idris Elba can’t do? Together with his wife Sabrina, he’s just launched a new new beauty and skincare line called S’ABLE Lab – and the new collection is focused on keeping things simple and sustainable. And in a deliberate move away from heavily gendered beauty products (honestly, do men really need separate exfoliators with macho names like ‘face gravel’ and ‘man grit’?) the Elba’s new beauty line is genderless.

Kicking things off for S’ABLE Lab, the couple have focused on skincare 101 and the key elements of building a daily routine, with a cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. All three of their launch products are vegan and packaged in post-consumer materials – come September, they’ll also be rolling out refill options, too.

S’ABLE Labs Qasil Cleanser’s magic ingredient is Qasil – a sage green powder which has been a staple of Somalian skincare for centuries. More recently, TikTok has caught on too, and the hashtag #qasil now has a whopping 34.5m views. Harvested from the gob tree, these powdered leaves have natural cleansing and antibacterial qualities, as well as packing a punch on antioxidant and vitamin C fronts. According to S’ABLE, “this antioxidant-rich super ingredient cleanses without stripping skin of moisture or disrupting the protective barrier.”

The next step in their three-part regime, S’ABLE Labs Black Seed Toner harnesses the natural compounds in nigella seeds to “boost elasticity, brightness, and skin health.” While you might associate this staple spice rack ingredient with cooking up a storm, these black seeds are also packed with vitamin A, amino acids, and essential fatty acids. Chamomile and vitamin B are also in the mix, to soothe irritated or inflamed skin.

Last but not least, S’ABLE Labs Baobab Moisturiser makes use of Bakuchiol – a gentle alternative to retinol – and also contains Niacinamide and tranexamic acid for their brightening qualities. “It also contains Baobab,” the Elbas explain, “a superfood turned skincare wonder harvested from the ‘Tree of Life’ which is high in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid with potent anti-inflammatory properties.”

The range is priced between £28–£50 and can be purchased on S’ABLE’s website. There’s also a discovery set with travel-sized versions priced at £45. Plus, there are five other beauty launches to get excited about this week.

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