Future Of Fashion

Sharon Alexie Is Reframing Influence

Strolling in the streets of Paris with the young artist and influencer.

by Irina Dvalidze
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Influencer culture has grown to encompass a whole lot of things. When we think about influencers we tend to think about hashtags and sponsored content, but as our perfectly curated Instagram feeds become more intertwined with breaking news and brands “commenting” on social activism, audiences have become more discerning about which influencers they give credence to.

Sharon Alexie, a Paris-based artist and model, has been bringing a fresh perspective to how the fashion world should be using social media and elevating underrepresented voices.

Future of Fashion is a series following Tiffany Reid, Bustle’s VP of fashion, as she interviews rule-breakers in the industry who are shaking up the status quo in order to create a more inclusive and equitable future.

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