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8 Summer 2024 Swimsuit Trends To Shop For The Perfect Vacation Wardrobe

From leopard print to lettuce hems.

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The best swimsuit trends for summer 2024.
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Trend Report
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Sartorially versatile and utterly functional, this year’s biggest swimwear hits will cater to your every vacation whim. Need an elegant suit for afternoon yachting? A frilly bikini to lounge in while sipping a massive piña colada? Or a bold print appropriate for a night out? All of the above can be found within summer 2024’s trend list.

These buzzy styles run the gamut — from timeless and sophisticated to playful and dramatic. On the minimalist end, classic black and white suits remain staples for “quiet luxury” fans, though updated versions feature a statement print or pattern. Another understated trend hails from the fashion archives — the ’90s, to be exact — in the form of contrast-trim bikinis.

On the attention-grabbing end of the style pendulum, leopard prints are the loudest of the loud. Coquettecore will continue to dominate, as the beribboned look has makes its way into swimwear. Suits equipped with lots of hardware — metallic rings, specifically — will provide a megadose of glam with their built-in jewelry.

Ahead, more of summer’s best swim trends that are positively primed for flaunting.

Mod Black & White

Nothing beats a classic, it’s true, but this summer’s black and white swimsuits will elevate the traditional color pairing. For 2024, elegant blanc et noir suits incorporate statement accents, like prints and graphics, to lean into the mod aesthetic. When it comes to this two-tone trend, it’s about sophistication with a vintage edge.

’80s-Inspired Crinkle Texture

Beachgoers first started embracing the ’80s-era crinkle trend last year, but the style will enjoy trending status well into summer 2024. And for good reason. With its stretchy, smock-like texture, this thick fabric is curve-hugging, supportive, and soft (the ideal vacation combo).

All swim styles — from high-leg one-pieces to bandeau bikinis — have now been rendered in the crinkle texture, so there are countless options to choose from. Consider one with 3D rosettes for a hint of romance or a two-toned set for a subtle color block.

“Mob Wife” Leopard Print

A foolproof way to serve style on the beach is by donning an unmissable print. This season’s chosen motif is that of the mighty leopard.

Leaning into the dramatic “mob wife” vibe, the print pairs stunningly with chunky gold earrings, layered necklaces, and big bangles. Thanks to its sartorial ubiquity, this opulent pattern is practically a neutral these days.

’90s-Era Contrast Trim

Contrast trim outfits practically defined ’90s minimalism and this summer, the retro look is lining swimwear across the board. Depending on suit texture and design, this trend can range from super sporty (like Hailey Bieber’s) to vaguely Chanel-inspired. It’s really the details that matter.

Whatever permutation of hues you choose — black and white or with a pop of color — your swim look will feel stylishly understated. And because of their inherent simplicity, these suits can stay in rotation for years, regardless of the present trend cycle.

Ruched Thongs

Here’s a pro tip: take any adjustable string bikini and bunch it together to DIY the ittiest, bittiest, barely-there booty coverage, possible. Voilà! Instant thong silhouette.

The likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, and Millie Bobby Brown regularly lean on this swim technique to transform more conservative beach offerings into micro bikinis.

Sweet Coquette Details

Coquettecore is showing no signs of slowing down and has now infiltrated the swimwear category after overtaking clothes, shoes, nails, bags, and jewelry. Gingham, frills, pearls, and, of course, bows are all runoffs of this saccharine aesthetic — and they all happen to look great on a bikini.

Frilly Lettuce Hems

Summer hasn’t even officially begun and lettuce hems are already infiltrating beaches nationwide. A cross between a scalloped edge and a standard ruffle, this frilly style adds interest to any swimsuit it accents. For ’90s babies, it’s sure to provide a nostalgic feel — but modernized.

Metallic Rings

Though varying forms of hardware have always been a swimwear staple, they’re previously been relegated to subtle accents (i.e., a lone ring at the hip or a chain details on a strap). Not this season, though. This summer, the more, the better.

Suits are being covered in glitzy rings that will make you feel oh-so-luxe. Vaguely vintage, styles can fall anywhere from the 1960s, with clean lines and bright colors, to the ’70s, with sparkles and groovy prints.

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