A Bold Buzz, Mermaid Lengths, & 9 More Summer 2023 Haircut Trends

Time to book that appointment.

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Summertime is all about shedding those extra layers, embracing longer days, and feeling a whole lot lighter in more ways than one — and for many, it’s the perfect time to book that salon appointment and try a hot new haircut trend. Power bob, anyone?

ICYMI, ultra-short cuts are having a moment amongst the it-girls of the world, with A-listers like Zendaya, Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, and more trading in their long tresses for a shoulder-length ‘do. And spoiler: If you’ve been on the fence between keeping your signature look or going for an empowered bob, quite a few pro stylists agree that a bob (or lob) is all green flags.

On the other hand, extra long inches that go well past one’s hips are sure to be everywhere in the coming months, with strong mermaidcore vibes sure to reign.

Ready to enter a new era (but in need of some inspiration)? Bustle has tapped eight major celebrity stylists and hair gurus in the industry: Dimitris Giannetos (who recently gave Megan Fox her collarbone-skimming moment), Tom Smith, Taylor Blades, Cynthia Alvarez, Sunnie Brook, Sassy Medchill, Danita Hampton, and Michelle Hong. Below, see the 11 summer 2023 haircut trends they think will be major for the hottest months.


A Bold Buzz

Both Florence Pugh and Lupita Nyong'o have recently gone for a clean slate by way of a daring buzzcut. Tom Smith, a celeb hair guru and International Colour Creative Director at evo, agrees that you may see more of the cut as the heat rises. “The liberation that comes with having our head shaved is a unique experience, [and] I'm tempted to suggest it’s one we could all benefit from having at least once in our life,” says Smith. “Suddenly, the focus is all on the features, which can really brighten and open the face.”


A Mid-Length Moment

Dimitris Giannetos, a major hair pro who calls celebs like Camila Cabello and Kourtney Kardashian loyal clients, says this of the recent headline-making chop he did for Megan Fox: “A collarbone length is always timeless, very easy to maintain, and you can play with different styles. It’s a length that can transform your overall look and makes you look very edgy, but effortless at the same time.”

Taylor Blades, a Covet & Mane educator, owner of Arizona’s Blades Styling, and an extensions specialist, agrees: “Mid-length hair with beachy mermaid waves are going to be a huge trend this summer. To style this look, rough dry your hair for texture and use a smaller curling iron [in alternate directions] to work in loose beach waves and movement. Finish the look with a texture spray or a sea salt spray to lock it in place.”



If you’re not into shorter chops, Danita Hampton — a Covet & Mane educator who owns The Parlor in North Carolina — notes: “We’re going to see a lot of XXL, hip-grazing lengths this summer with a boho feel, which we saw on the Zimmerman runway for Spring/Summer 2023.”

Not enough time to grow your strands the old fashioned way? She shares: “If you want to quickly achieve this look in time for summer, install several rows of Covet & Mane’s hand-tied extensions (available in 26” or 28”) for that added length. A low, sleek pony with a deep side part will look great with this length, and it will help enhance your facial structure too.”


Curtain Bangs

Kim Kardashian has been embracing the bang life lately — and Blades is sure the trend will stay strong: “Curtain bangs are very much still a trend for this summer, and we’re loving the layers, the texture, and everything they have to offer. They’re also perfect for creating an effortless summer style with no heat.”

Sassy Medchill, a Covet & Mane educator and owner of Goldie & Co Salon in Dallas, Texas, shares her tips for getting in on the trend: “Bangs are definitely back for the summer — we’re going to see tons of layers with side bangs or wispy, piecey bangs which offer a very care-free, lived-in summer look. Clip-in bangs are especially popular right now since they’re so easy — you can clip them in and out throughout the summer to continue changing up your look with no commitment.”


Ultra-Short Micro Bob

2023 has proven to be the year of the bob — and as of late, Smith notes that the trendy chop is only getting shorter and shorter: “Shrinking normal bob lengths up close to the nape of the neck is a great option for those willing to push the limits of the bob. [It] is a very high fashion, yet an extremely practical option for those with straight to slightly wavy hair.”


So Stevie Nicks

Feeling retro vibes for summer? Sunnie Brook, a Biolage ambassador and celeb stylist who has worked with the likes of Ashley Park and Elisabeth Moss, shares: “The ‘nix’ is a twist on the butterfly haircut — it has added bangs that give a very ’70s Stevie Nicks vibe.”


Hello, Power Bob

It’s no secret that power bob haircuts are having their main character moment — and both Medchill *and* Brook are on the same page, the former noting: “Bobs and lobs are huge right now due to Hailey Bieber, and we’re going to continue to see this look throughout the summer.”

Brook says: “This summer, as temperatures heat up we will be seeing more people deciding to make the bold choice to go bob or go home.”

The key to the buzzy cut? Power bobs have hair chopped at the same length all around.


Micro Moves

Summer means embracing your natural ‘do, and Giannetos shares his pro tip: “I love a short, curly textured afro. This style is always cute and elegant, plus it’s low maintenance. To get the look, I love using UNITE’s BOING Defining Curl Cream as it delivers moisture and definition, while taming frizz and flyaways.”

Cynthia Alvarez, a Biolage ambassador and hair guru who has worked with Shakira and Becky G, shares the same sentiment: “More people are embracing their naturally vibrant curls and afros. This requires a layered cut with internal texture to support the volume.”


U-Shaped Layers

For a whole lot of volume, Alvarez says: “This cut is universally flattering and grows out beautifully. To help maintain the bounce in the layers, use Biolage’s Whipped Volume Mousse and blow dry with a ceramic round brush.”

Adding another pro tip for at-home styling, Michelle Hong — the creative director and founder of NYC The Team — adds: “Create an illusion of healthier, more voluminous hair by blow drying upside down and against the direction of your hair growth. Use a curling iron, set hair, and then brush out.”


Shattered Shag

Jenna Ortega’s chop was a cultural reset, TBH. And Brook completely agrees we’ve yet to see the last of the shag: “The more layers the better on all textures and all lengths. This statement haircut is anything but boring, giving loads of style, versatility, and attitude.”

Hong is on the same page, noting: “Textured layers are blended, but the ends are aligned and straight-edge. This cut adds dimension while making the hair look fuller.”


Pretty Little Pixies

A power bob not quite short enough for you? Say hello to the rise of hybrids haircuts like the wixie (aka a “winged pixie”) or bixie. Hampton says: “We’re going to see a lot of pixies or bixies this summer, which is a bob combo mix that marries the pixie and bob cut. This look is very reminiscent of Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, and Winona Ryder circa the ’90s.”

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