5 Vegan Puffer Jackets That Are Both Chic & Sustainable

Ahead, shop down-free, recycled options.

vegan puffer jacket sustainable
Free People Movement/Everlane

As a full-time fashion editor, my apartment is jam-packed with product — high heels and handbags and crop tops and totes, necklaces, fanny packs, and hiking boots. I have a shoe wall dedicated to my seasonal collection and bins holding the rest stuffed beneath my bed. My dressers are overloaded and my coat closet barely shuts. What I’m trying to say is: I have a lot of crap.

Because of this, sustainability is always on my mind. I can’t help thinking about how much of the clothing I test for my job will end up in a landfill (though, hopefully, not for several decades). That’s why I try my best to consume recycled or biodegradable options when possible — and then recommend them to my readers. This is one of those times.

Puffer coats were once lined with down feathers, but in 2022, they’re primarily insulated with manmade, petroleum-based fibers. Though these down alternatives don’t harm animals, they are harmful to the environment. That being said, there are plenty of sustainable, ‘vegan’ options available.

Household brands like Aritzia, Nike, Free People, Everlane, and more (like, a lot more) all stuff their coats with polymer from Primaloft, a textile company that produces both 100% recycled and partially-biodegradable filler. Primaloft is so environmentally-friendly, in fact, that Nike prints the brand name right on their jackets, so customers know on sight that the product was made sustainably.

If you’re shopping for a coat, keep an eye out for the Primaloft name. It’ll be listed on the sleeve or on the hang tag. The company’s red triangle logo can also be seen, often on a zipper or seam. And if you don’t want to do any of that, just keep scrolling, because I’ve included a few editor-approved options ahead.

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This 4.3-star pull-over has tons of rave reviews, but here’s one more from yours truly: This baby is super soft and lightweight, but still incredibly warm — like wearing the coziest comforter. It’s got a cool, boxy fit and is stuffed with 100% recycled polyester. I wore it on chilly nights in the Colorado mountains.


Behold, the warmest coat in my closet: The Super Puff. This style is filled with PrimaLoft’s ThermoPlume insulation, a 100% recycled, vegan fill specially engineered to deliver lightweight warmth and compressability of down feathers. Believe me, you’ll be reaching for this baby every snow day for years to come.


I just added the ReNew Puffer to my coat collection in preparation for those brutal New York City winters and if the 100+ 5-star ratings are any indicator, I made the right choice. Because of Everlane’s No New Plastic pledge, the coat is made almost entirely of 100% recycled polyester fabric — both the shell and the lining. The only thing that might not be recycled are the zippers and trim, but according to the website, they’re working on it.


In an attempt to reach zero carbon and zero waste, Nike designed this go-with-everything puffer jacket with sustainability in mind. It’s filled with 100% recycled polyester and the shell is made of 100% nylon. According to the website, this fabric “begins as a variety of materials, including recycled carpet and used fish nets.”

Though the jacket is only comprised 75% of recycled material, the website notes: “Garments that use materials made from recycled nylon reduce carbon emissions by up to 50% compared to virgin nylon.”


Made of PrimaLoft Active 70% Eco Circle recycled polyester and 30% polyester, this 4.7-star jacket has a minimalist look and feels like the puffiest sleeping bag. Plus, it’s both recycled and recyclable. “When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to us through the recycling units we have in all our own stores and at many retailers,” the Houdini website reads.