Nailed It

The Velvet Nail Trend Brings Cozy Texture To Your Manis

Bringing fall fabrics to your fingertips.

This summer saw a plethora of swoon-worthy nail art trends. There were aura nails, psychedelic prints, and, of course, Hailey Bieber broke the Internet by inspiring everyone to try the “glazed donut” chrome nails. As we head into the fall, the fashion world has clearly made an imprint in the beauty world, because TikTok has decided that the season’s hottest new mani trend is velvet nails.

Now, expect to see people start imitating a key fall fabric on their fingertips. The velvet manicure trend gives your nails a shimmery, super-luxe textured appearance that mimics the look of your fave autumn dress. According to nail artist and content creator, Vivian W, velvet manis offer a lot of versatility. “When it catches the light, it’s such a gorgeous finish,” she tells Bustle. “It can be recommended for everyday wear, special occasions, and even bridal.”

If you prefer to do your own mani instead of going to a salon, Vivian says the look is relatively easy to replicate at home. “You just need cat-eye/magnetic/velvet gel, depending on what the brand is naming it, and it usually comes with a little magnet,” she says. “You just play around with it when it’s uncured. Once you’re happy with the pattern, cure underneath an LED lamp and that’s it.”

Whether you’re attempting the look at home or hitting up your local salon, keep scrolling for some seriously chic velvet nail art ideas for some inspo.


Ballerina Pink

Channel balletcore vibes with a pastel pink velvet mani.


Fuzzy Purple

You could opt for a fun purple set if you’re into darker shades or even a Halloween-y vibe. This look is definitely serving Maddy from Euphoria.


Golden Luster

You can’t go wrong with metallics. These gold velvet nails are stunning and cocktail attire-worthy.


Silver Velvet

Not into gold? Opt for a delightfully shiny silver velvet manicure that’s truly dazzling.


Starry Night

Velvet nails don’t have to be plain. Spice up your set by adding some stars.


Goth Glam

If you prefer a darker-toned mani, try out the look in black — it has total goth-glam vibes.


Velvet Ombré

Pick two complimentary colors and try the ombré effect on your velvet nails for a look you won’t be able to stop staring at.


Rose Gold

This rose-gold mani is a perfect way to add a little shimmer to your fall look.


French Tips

Switch up your classic French manicure by adding the velvet garnish to your tips. Finish off with some gold embellishments for even more of a pop.



Can’t decide between colors? You don’t have to. Rock them both in your velvet mani by putting a different shade on each hand.