15 Chic & Simple White Pedicure Ideas For Sandal Season

French tips, chrome finishes, and more.

Here are white pedicure ideas for summer & beyond — because white toenail polish looks great with ev...
Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and everyone is reaching into their closets and dusting off their sandals for the upcoming summer months. With the commencement of sandal season, it’s not an uncommon practice to head to the salon to get your soles scrubbed and toenails painted.

Whether you typically opt for polish-free toes, frequently visit your local nail salon, or always prefer to DIY your pedicures at-home, a classic white pedicure is a look that you simply can’t go wrong with (worn alone or incorporated into a more intricate design).

Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of Tenoverten, recently told Bustle: “A crisp white pedicure and a worn-in pair of cutoffs make for an effortless summer look.” Jin Soon Choi, the founder of cult-fave brand JINsoon, agreed that white hues are perfect for summer and look great when you’re frolicking on the beach during a tropical vacation.

Not sure what to get at your next trip to the salon? If you're looking for classic white pedicure designs that will make your toenails look chic in any pair of sandals, here are 15 ideas to use for inspiration.


Abstract Accent

Searching for something simple with a twist? Paint your toenails with a milky white nail polish color, then add a pretty abstract design.


Red, White, & Blue

A patriotic pedicure is perfect for the Fourth of July and beyond.


White Florals

Micro French tips look just as cute on your toes. The design is made all with more dainty with a subtle daisy (which is easy to do at home if you use the ends of a bobby pin as a makeshift nail art tool).


Classic White

White toenail polish will never not be chic. “This shade compliments a tan, [and] looks great under the sun and in the water,” Julie Sariñana, founder of Color Dept., recently told Bustle. “It’s a versatile summer polish that adds beauty to every open toe shoe.”


White Polish With Botanicals

Black botanical designs will pop against a solid white polish.


Vanilla Chrome

Chrome finishes have reigned supreme in the world of nail trends — and super shiny pedis are just as effortlessly cool. An off-white, vanilla-inspired hue is on-trend and perfect for warmer weather.


Milky White

You’ll never regret a sheer, milky white pedicure.


Vanilla French Pedicure

French manicures have had a major revival in recent years. One of the most popular updates on the look? Vanilla French nails, a subtle twist that includes a milky white base.


Gradient Glitter

Adding a minimal amount of glitter to your pedi can have a major impact.


Cow Print

Consider a fun animal print for an accent toenail design. Both Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner have co-signed the whimsical cow print.


All Smiles

Can’t decide between a white pedicure and a pop of color? Alternate the two (and swipe on a smile).


Terrazzo Toes

If you’re a fan of all terrazzo everything, it looks just as chic on your toes.


Ice Cream Art

Ice cream-inspired nail art couldn’t be more perfect for summer (and nail polish markers make it super DIY-able).


Zebra Stripes

Zebra is another solid option when it comes to spicing up a basic white pedi.


White Smoke

For those who prefer dark pedicure colors, the addition of white smoky toenail art gives edgy soft goth vibes.