You'll Be Shocked You Can Get These Impressive Home Upgrades For Under $35 On Amazon

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An elegant $20 silverware set that’ll dress up your table whether you’re eating a holiday meal or greasy takeout? A custom door mat that looks like you spent a ton of money when it only cost you $25? And a $35 wireless picture light to make your living room look like you’re an art collector? That’s right, this list features amazing finds you won’t believe are under $35.

Home upgrades can be pricey, but we’ve done the work for you and found the best products Amazon has to offer that won’t break the bank. From a cool 16-color motion sensor night light that attaches to a toilet to a smart plug that turns any regular outlet into a voice-controlled smart one so you can tell Alexa to turn the coffee pot on, these affordable updates will make a huge difference. Just keep scrolling.


A Freestanding Shoe Organizer For Your Entryway Or Closet

Store your shoes neatly and keep them pristine and easily accessible inside this freestanding six-cube organizer. Instead of investing in a pricey organizer that’s heavy and takes up a lot of space, use this $30 non-permanent storage solution. It’s made from sturdy fabric-wrapped cardboard which makes it easy to set up and move around, and the open cubbies mean you can quickly grab the pair of sneakers you need. The organizer is a great multi-purpose piece that could also be used to store winter accessories, handbags or your collection of baseball hats.


An Elegant 20-Piece Silverware Set For Less Than $20

Add a touch of elegance to your dining table with this 20-piece silverware set, whether you’re enjoying a holiday feast or eating greasy takeout. The set includes a dinner and dessert fork, a knife and a teaspoon and tablespoon, all of which are made from rust-proof stainless steel that’s dishwasher-safe. The ergonomic design makes each utensil easy to hold and the silverware has a good weight to it, which gives it an expensive feel that belies the low price tag.


This Splatter Screen To Keep Your Stove Clean & Protect Against Burns

Keep your stove splatter-free and hands burn-free when using your frying pan with this handy 13-inch splatter-screen. It’s made from extra fine mesh that stops 99% of all splatter while allowing steam to escape from the pan, and it also doubles as a strainer and a cooling rack. The heat-resistant handle will protect you from painful burns, and the resting feet will keep your counters clean. With more than 25,000 five-star reviews, this $10 cooking accessory is a kitchen must-have.


These Pantry Moth Traps With Hooks For Easy Hanging

Eliminate moths in your pantry and protect your food staples with these hanging moth traps. They come in a pack of seven. To use them, simply open the trap, peel off the backing, and hang it up or place it on a shelf. Moths are drawn to pheromones, so mixing them into the glue on the trap attracts them to it and keeps them away from your food items. The traps stay sticky and last for up to three months and are designed for food storage closets only.


A Popular Hanging Purse Organizer To Maximize Closet Space

Give your treasured vintage bags and summer totes a good home with this hanging purse organizer that has eight clear vinyl pockets so you can easily see which bag is in which pocket. The slim design and 360-degree swivel hanger saves closet space and literally creates storage out of nowhere, freeing up shelf and floor space. It’s available in gray, black, brown and white to fit your closet style and color scheme.


These Ultra-Soft, Moisture-Wicking Pillowcases That Are Super Popular

Stay cool and comfortable and get those recommended eight hours of sleep thanks to these ultra-soft microfiber pillowcases. The moisture-wicking material keeps them cool and lightweight and makes them a perfect year-round bedding choice. You’ll love that they’re wrinkle-free, stain-proof and anti-pilling for easy care and maintenance. Choose from a Queen and King size and 12 colors, including classic neutrals as well as more bold colors.


A Full Cocktail Shaker Set That Includes Everything You Need For A (Very) Happy Hour

Upgrade your cocktail making tools and skills using this seven-piece cocktail shaker set that comes with an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 5,500 reviewers. It’s a great starter set that includes a shaker with a lid and filter, a one and two-ounce double jigger, a muddler, bottle opener, six pourers, and a strainer, all made from brushed stainless steel. The barware has a stylish design that’ll look nice displayed on your bar cart or wet bar, and the set includes a 16-cocktail recipe book so you can make yourself a delicious drink when happy hour hits.


This Duvet Cover Set That’ll Give Your Bedroom An Instant Makeover — For Less Than $15

Give your bedroom an affordable makeover with this three-piece 1,500-thread count duvet cover set. It includes a duvet cover and two shams that resist fading and pilling. Reviewers say the set is incredibly soft, wrinkle-free and looks great even after multiple washes.


A Cocktail Garden Kit To Grow Six Different Plants For Mixed Drinks

Impress your guests with cocktails that have been made with homegrown ingredients using this cocktail garden kit. There are six seeds for herbs including lime basil and mint, as well as six pots and peat disks to grow them. If you’re hesitant because you don’t exactly have a green thumb, don’t worry — the kit includes sewing and growing instructions. It also comes with 18 original drink recipes created by an award-winning mixologist so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.


This Plush Memory Foam Toilet Bath Rug That’s Super Soft And Comfy

Upgrade your bathroom with this memory foam toilet bath rug that’s ridiculously soft and has nonslip backing. The plush rug is filled with memory foam that’s covered in velvet-like microfiber for ultimate comfort. It’s highly absorbent, warm on your feet, and washer- and dryer-safe for easy care. Choose from 17 colors and wash on a gentle cycle with cold water for best results.


A Foldable Bamboo Bed Tray Table To Enjoy A Leisurely Breakfast In Bed

Wake up and enjoy a delicious cappuccino and a flaky croissant on this foldable bamboo bed tray table. It has handles for easy carrying and a lip around the edges to prevent items from sliding off and making a mess on your bed. To store it, fold down the legs and to clean it, just wipe it down with warm soapy water.


These Copper Mugs For An Authentic Moscow Mule

Serve your Moscow Mules nice and cold in these 20-ounce copper mugs. Besides it being the signature way to serve this iconic cocktail, the mugs will look great styled on your bar cart and will keep your drinks cold. Reviewers say they have a nice weight to them, are bright and shiny, and amazing quality for this steal of a price.


A Non-Electric Bidet Attachment With Hot And Cold Water Settings

Sure, a bidet would be a nice bathroom upgrade, but spending hundreds of dollars on one? Not so much. Get this affordable non-electric bidet attachment instead, and you’ll save money and square footage in your bathroom. It’s easy to install without any tools and has a dial that allows you to control water temperature and pressure. The spray nozzle has two settings and automatically retracts after use.


These Spice Glass Jars That Include Pre-Printed Labels For Stylish Organization

Organize your spice cabinet like a pro with a set of these glass jars with airtight lids that come with 40 labels and a funnel for mess-free pouring. You’ll soon easily identify spices, never confusing cinnamon and ground cumin again. The included funnel is collapsible for easy storage and an excellent way to refill the 16 jars without wasting spices and making a mess.


A Box Of 25 Faux Roses For DIY Flower Arrangements And Centerpieces

Create a gorgeous flower arrangement or special centerpiece using this 25-piece artificial rose set. The roses look incredibly real and have flexible 8-inch stems that are easy to bend and cut. The petals are made from soft latex foam and measure about 3 inches in diameter. Best of all, these realistic-looking roses are reusable and will last you for years.


This Hammered-Glass Drink Dispenser For Mess-Free Pouring

Add this hammered-glass mason jar-style drink dispenser to the beverage table at your next backyard bbq or family picnic. It can hold a gallon of liquid and has a leak-roof, easy-to-pull spigot for mess-free pouring. The wide-mouth design is super convenient for refilling and cleaning, and the locking lid secures the top of the dispenser. It is recommended for cold beverages only.


These Sleek Photo Ledge Floating Shelves To Display Photos And Collections

Hang these sleek floating shelves to display family photos in the living room or your kids’ LEGO creations in the playroom — they’re super versatile and will look good anywhere you place them. They have a U-shaped ledge that’ll keep items in place and prevent them from falling, and their low-profile shape makes them a great choice for small, tough-to-furnish spaces. The laminate shelves are lightweight yet very sturdy, and come with all necessary hardware for hassle-free hanging.


These Easy-To-Install Puck Lights For Elegant Under-Cabinet Lighting

Give your outdated kitchen a modern touch with this set of three wireless LED lights that can be installed under cabinets and turned on with a simple tap. No need to call a contractor to do electrical work, just use the provided screws or adhesive tape to secure the bar in place.


A Collapsible Bamboo Drying Rack That Has Two Tiers For Maximum Drying Space

Replace that old plastic drying rack that’s seen better days with this stylish bamboo one that has 14 slots and two tiers to fit as many dishes as possible. If you’re working with a small kitchen, the rack folds so you can store it away while it’s not being used. To clean, just wipe down the wood with warm soapy water to clean it, and occasionally treat it with mineral oil to restore its shine.


This Condiment And Napkin Holder To Keep All Your Table Essentials In One Place

Gather your oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and napkins in this handy chrome holder. It includes two clear cruet bottles and three spices shakers to give your condiments a neat, uniform look. Keep the set on your kitchen table or inside a cabinet for easy access while eating or seasoning a meal as you cook.


A 3-In-1 Light Socket Splitter Adapter To Brighten Your Room

Install this three-in-one light socket splitter adapter and instantly turn a one-bulb light fixture into a three-bulb one. The 360-degree rotation and 180-degree bendability allow you to control the direction in which the light bulb shines, which is especially practical if you have a large garage, kitchen, or basement. The adapter is made from heat-resistant material and works best with lighter bulbs that don’t weigh it down excessively.


This Honeycomb-Shaped Divider To Organize Drawers

Organize socks, belts, or underwear using this honeycomb-shaped eight-piece divider that’ll take your drawers from jam-packed and messy to neat and tidy in no time. You can customize the divider length to fit your drawers and simply snap the pieces together to assemble. The interlocking dividers are made from durable plastic and come in a set of eight pieces that form 18 storage slots and are available in five colors including this light pink and a soft sage green color.


A Custom Door Mat That’s Highly Giftable

Create a warm and inviting welcome and add this customized doormat to your front door. It’s a shopper favorite with over 1,000 five-star reviews highlighting its quality, durability, and giftability. Whether it’s for a wedding, a shower, or housewarming, everyone loves a personalized gift. The mat has a slip-resistant backing and a coir front, and is printed with UV ink to prevent any fading.


A Tiered Party Tray That’s Collapsible For Easy Storage

Serve holiday cookies or tea party sandwiches on this elegant three-tier tray that you can collapse and nest the tiers in each other for easy, space-saving storage. The tiers are made from plastic so there’s no need to worry about them shattering, which makes this a great option for kids’ parties or outdoor entertaining. Reviewers rave about how lightweight yet durable and sleek the stand is.


This Extender That Turns 2 Outlets Into 6

Plug in the coffee pot and charge your phone at the same time with this six-outlet extender that has side access to provide extra power in tight spaces. It turns two outlets into six and because of the vertical design, it allows you to plug in bulky adapters from the side to save space. It’s available in white and gray, and for under $10, it’s a total game-changer, especially if you live in an older home that seriously lacks in outlets.


These Stackable Clear Organizers For Stylish Storage

If your makeup vanity could use a little bit of a cleanup and decluttering, get these stackable clear plastic drawers to help you get organized. The stackable design means they take up less space and the clear plastic will keep your surface from looking busy and cluttered. Use the drawers to store nail polish, makeup brushes or cotton rounds, and when needed use warm soapy water to clean the organizers.


A Pickle & Olive Container To Make Pulling Them Out Of The Jar Way Easier

Every pickle and olive lover needs one of these nifty containers with a built-in strainer. Instead of fishing for that pickle at the bottom of the jar, use this container that has two compartments — one for the pickles and one for the juice. Once you’ve grabbed the pickles or olives, flip the container so they can sit in the brine again. The plastic jar has a silicone lid, and it is leakproof and durable so it’ll last you for years to come.


This Wall-Mounted Dry Storage Dispenser That Saves Space And Looks Chic At The Same Time

Take your storage and organization game to the next level with this chic-looking yet affordable dry storage dispenser you can mount on the wall to save space. It’s suitable for small particle staples, like up to 6 pounds of rice or beans, or detergent and bath salts if you hang it in the bathroom. To dispense the contents, just push the trigger and use the two provided measuring cups to catch the the rice or beans.


These Cotton Hand Towels That’ll Make You Feel Like You Live At A Fancy Hotel

Replace your old towels with this set of 12 cotton hand towels that have an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 14,000 Amazon shoppers. Plush towels are one of the best little luxuries, and these are both soft and highly absorbent, while being a total steal for just $21. One reviewer said they are “fluffy, thick and certainly well made” and another commented on the price, saying, “these are an incredible value for the quality and price offered. These are just as good as comparable towels, if not better.” Amazon for the win again.


A Wall-Mounted Organizer To Get Brooms And Mops Off The Floor

If you have a closet filled with cleaning tools that all fall over when you open the door, solve the problem with this wall-mounted organizer that’ll hold mops, brooms and more. It has five slots and six hooks that have a tight grip to securely hold the tools, and an easy release handle for when you want to grab one. Think vertical storage and get stuff off the floor with this handy tool holder.


A Smart Plug That Allows You To Add Voice Control To Any Outlet

Add voice control and tell Alexa to turn on the coffee maker with this Amazon smart plug that turns any regular outlet into a smart one. The set up is easy — just plug it in and open up the Alexa app to connect; there’s no smart home hub needed. Schedule appliances and lights to turn off automatically or control them remotely thanks to this seriously impressive $13 home upgrade.


These Can-Shaped Glasses For An Upgrade From Actual Cans

Upgrade soda and beer cans and eliminate all the extra trash with these can shaped glasses that’ll add a sleek, modern edge to your table. They’re made from durable, lead-free glass using a technique that ensures flawlessly smooth rims and edges. The glasses are freezer- and dishwasher-safe and a great way to serve mixed drinks, smoothies and iced coffees, or canned drinks, of course.


A Powerful, Popular Knife Sharpener That’ll Restore Knives

If you’re sick and tired of spending forever trying to slice a couple tomatoes with an incredibly dull knife, it’s time to get a knife sharpener. They range in price, but why spend a ton of money when you can get this $15 one that more than 40,000 reviewers rated with five stars. It’s safe and easy to use and effortlessly restores sharpness with light strokes.


This Soap Dispenser Set That Dispenses Soap Directly Onto A Sponge

Not only will this four-in-one dish soap dispenser set declutter your sink, it’ll make the chore of washing dishes a little faster. The set includes a dish soap dispenser with a ventilated shelf, a liquid soap dispenser and a silicone tray. You can dispense soap directly onto a sponge, which is super handy, and the ventilated shelf and drip tray keep the sponge from sitting in liquid and forming nasty bacteria. Save time, effort and money with this clever little gadget that might just make doing the dishes more bearable.


An Acrylic Zip-Top Bag Organizer To Keep Your Kitchen Drawers Tidy

We all have that one drawer that’s overflowing with random kitchen items like the occasional takeout menu and piles of zip-top bags. Get those bags organized with this acrylic divider that’s compatible with gallon, quart, sandwich, and snack bags. It has printed labels for each bag size so you always know what belongs where, and the bottom of the organizer has anti-slip pads to keep it in place. You’ll be shocked how much of a difference this organizer will make.


A Fun Toilet Night Light With A Motion Sensor

Attach this cool 16-color night light to your toilet and you won’t have to turn on that harsh overhead light every time you use the bathroom at night. It detects movement within 5 feet and has a dimmer that allows you to choose from five brightness settings. Installation couldn’t be easier — you don’t need to wire or plug anything in. The light has a bendable arm that attaches to the toilet and is powered by batteries that last for up to a year.


This Portable Mini Renewable Dehumidifer You Can Take With You Anywhere You Go

Hang this mini dehumidifier in your home or take it with you when you travel and use it in the car or hotel room to fight humidity. It works in small spaces up to 333 cubic feet for up to 30 days, after which you can recharge the silica gel beads. It’s cordless for extra convenience and spill-proof and leakproof so you don’t need to worry about having to clean up any messes.


These Cooling Pillows That Are Suitable For Back, Stomach & Side Sleepers

Improve your sleep quality with a set of these cooling bed pillows that are comfortable whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper. They’re filled with hollow fiber to provide a plush feel that contours to your body to support your neck, head, and shoulders and prevents the pillow from going flat. The pillows have a satin striped cover made from breathable cotton.


A Set Of Gel Door Stopper Wall Protectors To Absorb Noise And Prevent Wall Damage

Prevent wall damage and get rid of the annoying door-knob-banging-against-the-wall noise by placing these gel protectors on the wall. The stoppers adhere to various surfaces and are reusable by simply being washed to restore the adhesive. Since the stoppers are transparent, they’ll blend in wherever they are placed and will protect your walls from marks and damage a door can cause. Use them for room doors as well as shower, furniture and fridge doors.


A Wireless Picture Light For A Touch Of Sophisticated Elegance

A picture light can cost hundreds of dollars ,plus there’s the hassle of having to deal with electrical wiring, which is why this $35 wireless picture light may be the best deal of them all. Not only will it illuminate your favorite painting or hanging mirror, it’ll elevate your space and add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and drama. The light has a rotating head, a dimmer with three brightness levels, and is battery-operated for ease of use.