The 6 Best Posture Correctors, According To An Expert

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Whether you're absorbed in work or on your phone, if your head is tilted even 15 degrees forward that's the equivalent of 27 pounds of weight being placed on your neck, according to New York-Presbyterian Och Spine Hospital. That's why adopting good posture is one relatively simple way to elevate your self-care routine. The best posture correctors can help encourage the habit, whether it's through a wearable electronic device or a strapped "brace" that aligns you more manually. Even everyday clothing solutions like posture bras or shirts can help if you're looking for the most discreet option. The key is to use the posture corrector regularly so you can reap its benefits.

Bustle reached out to Dr. Natalie Richards, a chiropractic physician, to learn more about what to look for when shopping for a posture correcting device.

The Expert

Dr. Natalie Richards is the founder of Revive Chiropractic Wellness Center in Rockford, Illinois. She attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and is trained in the chiropractic techniques of Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson drop, and Activator. She also is certified in the Webster Technique for chiropractic care during pregnancy and birth.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Posture Correctors

Posture correctors will remind you to straighten up in different ways. Some have straps to support your lower back or keep your shoulders from falling forward; however, Dr. Richards does warn it can still be "easy to drop your head forward while wearing those” so they will still require some active effort on your part.

For that reason, she recommends “the electronic ones that you can put on your back and will buzz every time you start to slouch.” If wearable tech isn't for you, I've also included the style of posture-correcting bra, belt, and shirt recommended by Dr. Richards. "Posture correcting shirts are a great option since you can wear them all day and it doesn’t require extra effort to remember to sit up straighter and roll your shoulders down and back," explains Richards.

But those items can get pricey, so if you're shopping more on a budget, a brace style with shoulder straps can still be a good option. Look for easy-to-adjust, lightweight ones that you'll be able to wear with ease either under or over your clothes.

For those who sit for hours each day at work, she also recommends this lumbar support pillow, along with this one. Dr. Richards also notes that posture correctors are a great place to start but daily exercises, like keeping your head against the headrest while driving or lying down with a rolled-up towel behind your head, will further encourage good posture.

And remember that it's always a good idea to check with your healthcare provider first to make sure the posture corrector you are eyeing is right for your specific needs.


The Best Electronic Posture Corrector

This low-profile Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer gives you real-time vibration feedback when you need to straighten up and it works in tandem with an app on your smartphone to help you track your posture throughout the day so that you can make improvements over time (you can even get a daily posture report if that's something that would motivate you). The small device resembles a white pebble and easily attaches to your back with one of the 10 included silicone adhesives. Each adhesive promises up to 10 wears (replacements sold separately).

It has a long battery life, running up to 40 hours before it will need a charge. When the time comes, it’s easily rechargeable with an included micro-USB and it comes with a convenient travel case. The unit itself is extremely lightweight, weighing just 0.38 pounds.

Helpful Review: "I love this little device. It's easy to slap on, in between your shoulder blades. My sticky tab probably would've lasted more than 10 days but since the instructions say 3 - 10 days, I changed it at 10 days. I have had no problem with it falling off. Just keep it clean and dry. Put it in it's case when you're not wearing it. The case is also it's charger. [...] It vibrates, after your selected delay timer. After your delay it vibrates once when you are slouching. It vibrates again, twice if you're still slouching. I prefer the sticky pads to the necklace. I think it's more accurate and I feel the vibrations more acutely. It works, I love it. [...]”


The Best Posture Brace

For support from your shoulders down to your back, this posture brace offers stability and alignment, thanks to the dual bars of support positioned in the back. The washable posture corrector comes with soft Velcro straps to adjust at the waist and shoulders for a perfect fit, and the spongey shoulder pads prevent any digging in. The design also is cut away from your underarms to avoid chafing. It’s available in two sizes but there is also a belt extender included with each purchase to ensure that you’re finding just the right size. To start training your body for better posture, the brand recommends you wear it up to 30 minutes a day before working up to two hours daily.

Helpful Review: “I’ve been suffering with back pain for the past year, plus I have horrible posture. [...] I must say this corrector is awesome. The straps don’t dig into my shoulders and the belt fits comfortably across my waist. It keeps my shoulders back which alleviates the pain I am feeling in my back. I like the brace in the back too because it helps keep me standing upright. I feel so much better when I am wearing it and I know I look better because I’m not slouching . Don’t hesitate to purchase this, you will not be disappointed! It’s very wellmade too.”


The Best Budget Posture Corrector

The Vicorrect adjustable posture corrector is a great pick if you’re looking to try out a posture corrector on a budget. It fits around the shoulders like a backpack and it’s available in two different sizes, so it can fit a wide range of chests. It's made with soft polyester and stretchy elastic for comfortable wear, and it’s recommended that you wear it up to two hours daily for at least 21 days to see results. This corrector promises to help align your shoulders and spine to create proper muscle memory so that you can start standing straighter on your own. The adjustable straps easily Velcro in place, and reviewers commented on how effortlessly it can be worn under clothes.

Helpful Review: "This product really works. As soon as I put it on, I can feel my shoulders naturally moving back and my spine straightening. This product is very easy to put on and take off, and adjust. I do suggest measuring beforehand to order the correct size. Material is soft and comfortable, and came with easy to understand instructions.”


The Best Posture Correcting Bra

Dr. Richards says the biggest problem with conventional bras is that the pressure is not well balanced. There usually isn’t enough support in the bra's back so this puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder straps and the main band. "With a posture correcting bra [like the one featured here], the weight is evenly distributed due to the added support in the back panel of the bra. This allows for less pain in the shoulders and mid-back which is always a great benefit," she says.

The Leonisa Posture Bra is an adjustable posture corrector that doubles as a wireless bra so it can easily go under clothes. Available in sizes up to 42DD and in a nice range of neutral colors, the bra is made of a stretchy, breathable blend of 90% polyamide and 10% elastane. One happy reviewer reported: “So lightweight and comfortable I don't even know it's there.” Just note that it's recommended that you hand wash this pick.

Helpful Review: "[...]It holds everything together well, and for not having underwire or "cups" it does an amazing job of holding up. I'm a size 34D, and it works for me in every occasion. It doesn't provide major cleavage, which I like[...] I found it to be very true to size. [...]Overall, it looks great under clothing, its extremely comfortable, supportive, seems to be made with sturdy material, has definitely helped me to improve my posture, and is the best bra I've owned. I hope this review helps someone else like me who has been on a perpetual search for the perfect bra!”


The Best Posture Correcting Shirt

This posture correcting shirt offers a compressive fit to support the back and shoulders — ultimately helping to promote better posture. This shirt can also help aid in muscle and joint recovery. It’s machine washable and made from a proprietary, moisture-wicking Lycra blend that shapes to your body (note: reviewers did mention that it has a tighter, form-fitting cut). It also comes infused with copper and zinc to help fight odor, making it a great option for all-day wear as an undershirt, or for hitting the trail or gym. It's available in two colors and comes in sizes ranging from Small through XX-Large.

Helpful Review: "[...]I have severe arthritis in my shoulder and back. It is amazing how much difference the compression makes! It is expensivebut worth every penny! I have already bought another one.”


The Best Posture Corrector Belt For Your Lower Back

For those contending with lower back pain (or looking to keep it at bay), a posture belt might be the solution. "The BetterBack is a great device for those with desk jobs to utilize. It is incredibly easy to let your core relax while sitting and that puts a lot of excess pressure on the low back, so something like the BetterBack can help counteract that," Dr. Richards says.

More specifically, the BetterBack Posture Belt helps stabilizes your pelvis, encouraging you to practice good posture for your entire body. It wraps around your lower back and knees, so it's not the most discreet option on this list but that hasn't stopped more than 800 Amazon shoppers from giving it a perfect five-star rating. This adjustable posture corrector can fit waists that measure up to 38 inches. It was featured on Shark Tank and even comes with its own carry case, should you want to bring it to work then back home for use in the evening.

Helpful Review: "I am on a frugal budget but this was worth every penny! This is an outstanding back support for anyone who struggles with back pain or for anyone who wants to prevent back pain fatigue. This is great if you need to sit for long periods of time […]this gives you the low back support and posture without needing a back to a chair. This is a game changer. I would highlyrecommend to anyone and especially for office workers that are sitting at a desk all day long. Even use for a short time throughout the day could make a difference in your posture and pain levels.”


Dr. Natalie Richards, chiropractic physician at Revive Chiropractic Wellness Center

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Natalie Richards, Chiropractic Physician at Revive Chiropractic Wellness Center

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