12 Latinx People On The Wellness Practices Their Abuelas Taught Them

Sana, sana, colita de rana.

A collage of the Latinx wellness practices: an evil eye, flowers, tea, and an abuela cooking with yo...
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Many Latinx folks’ first introduction to wellness is at home with their abuelas. From camphor to connecting with nature, these healing traditions are often passed down for generations. These Latinx women & non-binary folks share the wellness practices they picked up from their abuelas.

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Early Wakeups

“My abuelita was always up before the sunrise — singing, gardening, & making comidita. She always had a bottle of alcohol de caña, tecito de manzanilla, & caldo de pollo y vegetales. Now that she’s in the spirit world, these things connect me to her the most."

Xochitl, 35