Here Are The Mind-Boosting Supplements This Wellness Guru Takes To Feel Her Best During Holiday Season

As a certified life coach and yoga instructor who specializes in mindset and meditation, Samora Suber understands the importance of minimizing stress. “I teach a practice called motivational yoga, which basically pairs motivating affirmations and very specific yoga sequences to help people release any blockages, push past physical limitations, and increase positive thinking,” she tells Bustle. Despite not being face-to-face, it’s easy to tell over the phone that Suber is smiling when she says this — especially when she adds, “I really, really love what I do.”

In addition to motivational yoga, Suber coaches her clients in mindset and the power of positive thinking. “I love helping my clients really get connected to themselves in a more powerful, confident, clear way,” she says. “This includes the mind, body, and soul, because I believe they’re all connected.” Through this, Suber is able to help people feel like the best worry-free versions of themselves. However, she’s quick to admit that managing her own stress, especially during the hectic holiday season, isn’t always the easiest for her. That’s why she decided to put Zhou Nutrition to the test. Its effective, lab-verified supplements help the mind and body and align with her holistic approach to health and wellness. The Mind + Mood supplements collection specifically features science-backed formulas, like Calm Now, which promotes positive mood support and helps the body adapt better to stress, which is paramount closer to the holidays.

On top of meditation and yoga — two non-negotiables Suber does daily to help herself stay centered — she also incorporates Zhou’s Ashwagandha (which has a powerful blend of adaptogens that help manage stress) and Vitamin D3 + K2 into her wellness routine. “I do have a vitamin D deficiency and really notice a difference in my mood when I take these,” she says, noting that it’s been especially helpful now that it’s getting dark so much earlier. “It’s just one of those things that you can take every day and know it’s helping your overall mind and body.” Makes sense: Though many associate vitamin D with bone health and immune support, it actually also plays a big role in maintaining a feeling of balance in mood as well.

Another supplement that Suber says she’ll be bringing home with her to New Orleans over the holidays is the Energy + Focus formula. It features a two-to-one ratio of L-Theanine and caffeine for enhanced energy and alertness without the common “crash” side effects you often get from coffee. “During the holidays, I always feel like I have a lag in my day, like I need to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon,” says Suber. She adds that flying, combined with all of the constant social interaction and cleaning, can get really exhausting. “I know Energy + Focus will be super helpful for those long days when I really need the boost to help me power through.”

When it comes to supporting her clients through the mayhem of holiday season, Suber stresses the importance of practicing self-care and doing frequent self-assessments. “It's really crucial to check in with yourself often and listen to what your body needs, especially around the holidays when a lot of triggers come up with family dynamics and other factors,” she says. “Meditation is one great way to do this, but really, it just comes down to finding some time for yourself to be mindful of your emotions and what’s going on in your body.”

Suber also recommends taking supplements based on what your body is telling you it needs. “When you’re in tune with yourself and your body’s needs, you can count on supplements like the ones from Zhou to help give you what you’re lacking, whatever that may be,” she says.

Since she started taking supplements from Zhou Nutrition’s Mind + Mood line, Suber says she’s been feeling like her best self: calm, focused, and clear-headed. Even with the holidays swiftly approaching, she’s still been on her A-game, which is how she really knows the supplements are working. “Overall, I definitely feel a difference in terms of having more energy and feeling more calm and clear,” she says. “They've been really helpful, and I genuinely look forward to taking them every day.”

Whether you’re looking to add a little extra pep to your step or for a way to keep calm amid the holiday chaos, consider taking a cue from Suber and implementing supplements from Zhou Nutrition into your routine. Your body — and your mind — will thank you for it.

Images: Courtesy Of Samora Suber