6 Fitness Pros To Try If You Can't Get Enough Of Yoga With Adriene

These instructors bring the chill encouraging vibes to pilates, HIIT, and more.

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When you think of home workouts, Adriene Mishler likely comes to mind. With 10 million-plus YouTube subscribers, Yoga With Adriene fans love her calming energy and the accessible, “Anyone can do it” vibe of her online classes. One of the (many!) reasons Yoga With Adriene is so beloved is because she pairs her routines to certain moods, so you can choose the yoga practice that best suits you when you’re feeling anxious, need to meditate, or want to work on building trust (with yourself or others). Her signature catchphrases — “Find what feels good,” or “Breathe love in” — are reminders to be kind to yourself while getting stronger or discovering that deep stretch.

Although there’s no shortage of Yoga With Adriene videos to choose from — she has over 700 free yoga videos on her YouTube page alone — sometimes you wish you could take her encouraging, chill vibes to your barre class or HIIT session. Enter: fitness instructors like Yoga With Adriene. Of course, every pro has their own unique vibe (and that’s why we love them), but finding instructors who prioritize kindness and approachability — like Adriene does — can help people stick to their workouts.

The next time you feel like mixing up your at-home workouts, try a video from one of these fitness pros who share that infectious Yoga With Adriene Energy.

Nicole McPherson

If I could do one fitness class for the rest of my life, it would be from Nicole McPherson’s “Move With Nicole'' YouTube series. What I love so much about the dancer and pilates instructor’s courses is how calming she is. Her relaxing voice, uncanny sense to drop an encouraging compliment just when you need it, and ability to keep her pilates routine diverse and interesting give her that YWA-ish-ness. If you’re new, try her seven-day series, launched in July, to get a taste.

Try This Workout In The AM: Her HIIT pilates workouts will get your blood pumping as soon as you wake up.

Try This At Lunch: For a mid-day boost, try any of McPherson’s videos that target specific muscles, like arms + abs, or abs + booty. These videos are usually around 20 minutes long and will perk you up without totally draining you of energy.

Try This At Night: Any of McPherson’s full-body stretch videos are perfect for unwinding at night.

Their Catchphrases: “You are so strong.”

Music: Think music you’d hear at a spa.

Overall Vibe: Very chill, and very effective.

Brittne Jackson AKA Brittne Babe

The “Queen of At-Home Workouts,” per her Instagram bio, Brittney Jackson is known for turning ordinary household items like towels and pillows into fitness tools to enhance your workout. Jackson proves that there’s truly no reason not to get moving. Her Yoga With Adriene energy comes out in her anyone-can-do-it approach to fitness that encourages you to work out in small spaces and use what you have to train. Grab the hand towel in your bathroom and try out her full-body HIIT workout, part of her 21-day challenge to get started.

Try This Workout In The AM: This quick ab workout is perfect for getting your heart rate up in the morning without totally exhausting you before your day starts.

Try This At Lunch: Give your brain a break with this 30-minute, no-equipment workout you can do in your apartment.

Try This At Night: Lay down and work your abs before bedtime.

Their Catchphrases: “It’s Brittne Babe”; “No excuses.”

Music: High energy, top 40 songs.

Overall Vibe: Jackson’s energy will inspire you immediately to get moving.

Bethany C. Meyers

Meyers is the founder and CEO of the the be.come project, which aims to bring inclusivity, approachability, and body-neutrality to the fitness world. Meyers encourages viewers to allow an emotional release while they’re working out — not unlike Mishler’s invocations that you only need an “open mind and an open heart” to join the practice. You can join the be.come project for $35 a month, but there are some videos available online that will let you get a taste for Meyers’ teaching style. Meyers is also known for their motivational Ted Talks and being a body-neutral and inclusivity advocate.

Try This Workout In The AM: Start your day with one of Meyers’ courses on how to perfect specific fitness moves, like this tutorial on accomplishing a side plank for beginners.

Try This At Lunch: Work on a powerful squat series to take a break from sitting all day.

Try This At Night: Try this arm routine paired with self-love affirmations to drift off to sleep feeling accomplished.

Their Catchphrases: “Show up for yourself”; “Some days we love our bodies, some days we hate our bodies, but all days we respect our bodies.”

Music: Soul music, like tracks from the band Kaleo.

Overall Vibe: Emotional, powerful.

Massy Arias

Massy Arias initially turned to fitness to help relieve her depression. “I’m grateful that I found something that gave me the push I needed to feel better,” Arias says on her YouTube channel. The health coach and CEO of Tru Supplements, a plant-based supplement brand, now boasts 2.7 million followers on Instagram and helps clients use fitness to relieve stress, depression, and more. Arias’ videos are punctuated by suggestions to take a moment in your day to be thankful and kind to yourself, which feels very YWA-ish.

Try This Workout In The AM: Try Arias’ full-body workout here.

Try This At Lunch: Perfect your push-up before lunch to learn something and feel stronger at the same time.

Try This At Night: Wind down with this full-body mobility and stretch routine that will prep you for sleep — and for your workout the next morning.

Their Catchphrases: “Bring it.”

Music: Barely-there background music so you can focus on her teachings.

Overall Vibe: Science-backed & strength focused.

Holly Dolke

This new mom and fitness influencer has an impressive YouTube following — 1.54 million subscribers — who look to her for fast and effective HIIT and muscle-targeting workouts. Her reps are typically 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off, and they’re simple, low-impact moves that beginners can get a handle on. Dolke’s YouTube playlists embody Yoga With Adriene energy in that they’re categorized according to different moods and intentions, like workouts for beginners, to booty-focused workouts, to targeted approaches. There’s an impressive range of workouts available for free on her YouTube channel, as well as on her free Pink Dragon app.

Try This Workout In The AM: This booty toning video is low impact, high burn. You won’t have to jump all over the place first thing in the morning, but you will feel it in your glutes.

Try This At Lunch: Unwind with this relaxing yoga series.

Try This At Night: If you’ve been sitting all day, get moving with this 12-minute full-body workout for beginners.

Their Catchphrases: “Feel confident in your body and mind.”

Music: Energetic, but subtle background beats.

Overall Vibe: Focused, strong.

Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson does a little bit of everything. From power pilates classes to shadowboxing, her YouTube channel is a great resource for those who get bored in their workouts easily. While Robertson doesn’t talk through the routines (making her unique in the landscape of online workouts) her Yoga With Adriene energy shines in her intros, where she presents what you’re about to do — making it way less intimidating to get started.

Try This Workout In The AM: This low-impact HIIT routine will gently get your heart racing while your body adjusts out of sleep.

Try This At Lunch: Who says you have to run to do cardio? Keep cool indoors with this cardio routine you can do in your living room.

Try This At Night: Keep your workout mostly on the mat with this tabata workout. Tabata is basically a HIIT workout that gets you moving in shorter intervals, so it’s less stressful for nightime.

Their Catchphrases: “Glow Up.”

Music: Club music you can dance to.

Overall Vibe: Always mixing it up so you’re never bored.