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Travis Barker Tells Us All About His CBD-Spiked Bath Soaks

"I’m focused on continuously educating myself and treating my body with the respect it deserves."

Travis Barker's wellness routine is all about CBD-spiked bath soaks.
Barker Wellness

Travis Barker has long been a household celebrity name for millennials who grew up in the TRL era. He rose to fame as the talented drummer for Blink 182, the band behind songs like “What’s My Age Again?” and “All the Small Things” that you may or may not still have on your workout playlist (just me?). But, somewhere between releasing the band’s seventh album and marrying Kourtney Kardashian, the 46-year-old ventured into the wellness space in February 2021 with the launch of Barker Wellness, a line of self-care essentials that feature CBD.

By now, we’ve gotten used to seeing rock stars we listened to as teens become brand founders — there’s Gwen Stefani’s GXVE Beauty line and Lenny Kravitz’s creative role with an oral health brand, for instance — so while it may sound strange at first to think of a punk rock drummer associated with health products, it’s really not that surprising. For Barker, it was CBD’s benefits that he wanted to bring to the shelves, as it’s an ingredient that’s helped him in his own wellness routine. And, as of today, Barker’s line now includes Bath Soak, a bath bomb that contains 30 milligrams of CBD, calming lavender, bergamot, and hibiscus essential oils, and hydrating daikon and vitamin E for the ultimate tub session — a product he’s particularly excited about.

Barker Wellness

Here, Barker tells Bustle about his love of baths, his healthy morning habit, and how Kardashian has influenced his wellness game.

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How did you first get into CBD?

When I first started performing I was really just focused on the work and didn’t see the whole picture, which included my health. It was go-time 24/7 and there were no opportunities to step back and put the lens on my well-being. There were a few health scares that woke me up though and forced me to change my lifestyle completely.

I’m focused on continuously educating myself and treating my body with the respect it deserves — I couldn't do what I do without taking care of myself and giving what my body needs to keep going. After boxing for years, training Muay Thai, playing drums, and training for tours, recovery became a big issue for me — just figuring out how to keep going and not break down.

Tell me about how you decided to launch the Bath Soak.

I love taking baths. It’s such an amazing way to unwind, especially after a long day. I feel like baths are kind of sacred in a way: the whole process of setting it up, grabbing a book, lighting a candle... you don’t want to rush it.

I’ve been using bath soaks for a while now and finally decided to launch my own with Barker Wellness. I always have a sound night’s sleep after using ours before bed. The different combinations of CBD and CBC with the essential oils and skin moisturizers make the formula really effective.

Any other go-to wellness practice?

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is exercise. Sometimes I run, sometimes I do different types of strength training, cardio, or even Pilates. Working out relieves any stress I might have, clears my mind, and boosts my mood. It’s really the best way to start my day.

How has Kourtney influenced your wellness routine?

Kourtney is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wellness. It’s been a supportive and inspiring journey together. We both learn from one another and introduce new wellness practices into each other's daily lives which I think is really motivating for both of us.

We’re on the same page about a lot of our wellness habits, especially when it comes to food — I’m vegan and Kourtney likes vegan food as well, so we love a lot of the same things.

What’s the best wellness tip you’ve ever heard?

I think the best wellness tip is to not use electronics in the evening. Getting into the right headspace is really important for my sleep routine — I try to give myself a break from technology after work and before bed so I can let my mind wind down. Also, less time on my phone or computer means I get more quality time with my family. I’m super busy so if I have a free evening it will definitely be spent with my kids and Kourtney.

Is there a wellness practice you’d like to start doing?

I’ve heard from Kourtney and many friends that meditation is extremely healing. This is definitely something I’d like to dedicate more time to. There are so many forms of it but the general practice of unplugging, being in the present moment, and just taking time for my thoughts is something I appreciate.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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