"Winter Is Trumping" Beats Any Campaign Ad

The House Stark warned us "winter is coming," but we never expected it to be like this. Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, because this year's winter has taken on the form of Trump. The wild debates, hyperbolic statements, and plainly rude shenanigans have given politics a new face and it's not necessarily doing any favors for the integrity of the GOP establishment. A new YouTube video called "Winter Is Trumping," which edits Donald Trump's words (as well as his head) into pieces of the series, has summarized the top GOP candidate's border policy in the most clever way.

What does *potentially* future America have in common with Game of Thrones' The North? A big wall with a beautiful door.

Even Game of Thrones dissidents (gasp) will wonder how they lived without this two and a half minute video. It's everything we never knew we needed and likely way more effective than any attack ad aimed at the celebrity billionaire. Now, the only question is whether or not we should take the statement "Winter Is Trumping" as a warning.

Australian video editor Huw Parkinson of Insiders, a political talk show on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, created the mash-up masterpiece that has received over 400,000 views after being posted to YouTube on Saturday. Huw's description of the piece draws a parallel between Trump's border policy and The North's gargantuan wall that was built centuries ago to keep out the white walkers — those terrifying dead skeleton people whose existence has proven unconvincing among the ignorant masses.

"Armed with a Valyrian steel sword named Deal-Maker," writes Parkinson on the video's Youtube page, "Donald Trump embarks on a quest through Westeros to take care its border policies."

It all begins when Trump takes on the role of the Spice King and denies entry to Daenerys Targaryen and her starving people. Huw clearly chooses to highlight the billionaire's less eloquent statements for the sake of comedy.

No. We have a serious problem with radical Islam, we have a tremendous problem. And we can't be the stupid country anymore.

Behind the comedic surface, however, Huw questions the validity and effectiveness of Trump's policies by framing them as completely ridiculous in the Game of Thrones parody. Some of the Donald's other shining moments are expertly inserted into various snippets from the five-season-long series. Tyrion Lannister maintains his usual audacity by either shooting glances that scream "You're an insolent fool" towards Trump or flatly questioning the very basis of his statements. For example, Trump exclaims with exuberant confidence that "the people that are with me 100 percent are the people." True to his character, Lannister unapologetically barks "What?!" I want to accusatorially ask that same question quite often and I don't believe I'm the only one.

Though the mashup features mostly remarks akin to border policy, Trump does squeeze in a comment about his tiff with the pope. With armor and a sword in hand, Trump swears that he's "nice." In other words, don't listen to the pope — he doesn't know what he's talking about. Jumping to different regions within the Seven Kingdoms, Huw wedges Trump into a Night's Watch scene, where he addresses the men and famously speaks about the importance of building a wall with a "beautiful, big, fat door."

As he placidly stands atop the wall and looks down at the people waiting to be let in for protection, he seems pretty satisfied with himself as he admits, "I don't think they like me very much." Let's not forget, he's suggested we ban Muslims multiple times.

Ultimately, Trump drops the mic when he refutes Jon Snow — oh, classic Donald. Instead of sticking with the Night's Watch, he returns back to Tyrion Lannister's side and vents about the frivolity of water boarding versus beheading. Huw doesn't need to explicitly incorporate his own opinion on the matter. Instead, he expertly creates a subtext, which implicates that electing Trump would be deleterious to the nation.

The ship going up in green flames at the end of video does all of the talking for him, suggesting things didn't go down too well for Westeros when Trump was in charge. Maybe it's a harbinger of what's to come for America.

Images: Winter Is Trumping/Huw Parkinson