Why Alessandra Ambrosio Is Headed To Rio

Whether she's on the runway or snapping makeup-free selfies on her Instagram, it's clear that Ambrosio is serious #goals. I've always admired her style and work ethic, and over the years, she's proven that she's definitely a powerhouse in the fashion world. But she'll never forget where she came from, and that is even more admirable. If you don't already know, Ambrosio is from Brazil and is headed to Rio for the 2016 Olympics, but where in Brazil is Alessandra Ambrosio from exactly?

According to IMDB, she was born in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Even to this day, the model still visits and tries to make her native country an important part of her life.

She tells Vogue UK:

"I'm definitely most comfortable when I'm back in Brazil. I think because of the weather; I love it when it's really humid and warm. When my kids have holidays from school, like for the two months they have in the summer, we don't do summer camp or anything. Their summer camp is back in Brazil with the grandparents — they speak Portuguese, of course, but they have American accents too when they speak English — and they love it there. I wish we had more time in the sun."

And it's totally true. Ambrosio's Instagram is filled with gorgeous pictures of her visiting Brazil and spending time appreciating her culture.

Here's an adorable throwback pic of her growing up:

And celebrating Christmas with her family as a child:

She even brought her own family to her hometown, Erechim:

Currently, Ambrosio is in Rio de Janeiro soaking up the summer sun. She is looking absolutely fabulous:

And I mean, I don't blame her, Brazil looks beautiful. It's literally paradise:

Ambrosio, along with Adriana Lima, are going to be NBC's food and culture correspondents for the Rio games.

"I am so proud that the games are in Rio this year," Ambrosio told PEOPLE.

I can't wait to see more photos of the 2016 Rio games through Ambrosio's eyes. I'm sure she'll have plenty to share with us!