Danelle A. Sandoval

Danelle A. Sandoval is a commerce writer for Bustle and Elite Daily. She has previously written for Bustle's fashion and beauty verticals, as well as various celebrity publications including Hollyscoop, OK! Magazine, and Bop & TigerBeat. She was also the Style Editor at Obsev Studios. Along with writing, Danelle has dabbled in social media, previously as the social media producer for HelloGiggles and a consultant to fashion brand Tadashi Shoji. Danelle received her Associate's Degree from Santa Monica College before transferring to University of California, Berkeley, in which she attained a Bachelor's Degree and was the commencement speaker at her department's graduation. She is passionate about digital culture with a diverse skill set in content creation, editorial management, revenue growth, and commerce integration. While she enjoys drinking green tea and reading Ernest Hemingway novels, preferably at the same time, Danelle enjoys a good internet meme and will hardly ever say no to karaoke.

Follow Danelle on Twitter @danellemusic or on her official artist account @danellesandoval. You can read more about her work on her LinkedIn and listen to her music on Spotify.