Are Rihanna's Bangs Real? Here's What We Know

Rihanna has been known to change her hair looks frequently and yes, she completely slays each one. Whether she has long straight-locks or a short bob, you can always count on RiRi to have the most stylish hair. So it's no surprise that the "Work" singer debuted yet another new hairstyle. Rocking them during a performance on her world tour in Sweden, Rihanna's new set of bangs looked the most glorious they've ever looked. But it's got me wondering, are Rihanna's bangs in fact real? Or not?

Now we've seen Rihanna change her hair drastically, from gray for Tush Magazine to her signature big red locks look. And sometimes her hairstyles quickly go as fast as she changes them. But are her bangs here to stay? And are they more than just possibly a clip on?

Personally, I think it looks amazing on Rihanna. She's previously rocked bangs before but I've never seen them styled this way. It has a cool, vintage, almost '90s look to it. It's definitely more rugged and sultry. However, I'd say her bangs do in fact look real and match her bob quite perfectly. She took it to Instagram to post a pic of her new shaggy hairstyle. It looks completely fabulous:

Although we don't know if they're real for sure, something tells me that they in fact are, as she was totally rocking the same hairstyle at a later performance for Smukfest:

Even with a baseball cap, her bangs are totally gorgeous:

In any case, I'm super glad that RiRi went back to bangs, because they look great on her. When I saw her wear them at the Billboard Awards this year, I was hoping they would make a quick comeback:

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But instead of being as long and wispy as the ones at the award show, I'm definitely feeling this more fuller, choppy bangs look:

Let's see what hairstyle Queen RiRi decides to rock next. I'm hoping it has something to do with keeping her bangs!