6 Things The Opening Ceremony Uniforms Look Like

Olympic opening ceremony outfits are weird. So weird, in fact, that they cause the mind to bend and think of other things. Soon, you're no longer staring at Brazilian or USA athletes in their Olympic finest. No. You're staring at a real-life Magic Eye image, and trying to figure out all the things the Olympic ceremony outfits look like.

In fact, deciphering exactly what they reassemble can be quite the fun game to play, and one that has been decades in the making. Take France's team at the 1976 opening ceremony in Montreal, for example. Tell me they don't look exactly like a dozen Fleur Delacour's from Harry Potter. (So cute, right?) Russia's uniform from the 2012 London games is another good one. To me, their jackets resemble a mint candy I once left to melt in my car. (Kind of pretty, but also kind of tragic?)

The comparisons are truly endless, not to mention super gratifying when your eyes focus and you realize with glee that "They look like a dozen FLEURS!" Needless to say, I was very excited for Rio's opening ceremony. I've been waiting with baited breath to see what kind of fun outfits would be kicking off the summer 2016 games. And they did not disappoint. Here are some things the Olympic opening ceremony uniforms look like.

1. The cutest a cappella group ever

Here's hoping team Australia breaks out into song.

2. A living, breathing Monet painting

Poland is rocking such lovely impressionist colors.

3. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

South Africa is ready for Halloween. (And this Twitter user agrees.)

4. Your parents on vacation

The Cayman Islands are cute, but totally embarrassing.

5. An oil slick

Tonga's flag bearer may have gone a bit overboard here.

6. Kids at the mall

So comfy. Much jeans.