Demi Lovato's New Hairdo Looks So Different

Well folks, we've got another change in hairstyle from one of our fave celebs. Demi Lovato recently posted a new hairstyle that looks totally different from her old look, and I must say, it looks fabulous. After recently debuting her extensions on Snapchat, Demi has also added a light ombré to her luscious locks. I'm starting to notice that a lot of celebs on tour tend to change their hair quite frequently, which totally makes sense. Rihanna also debuted her new bangs on tour in Sweden a couple of days ago. So is tour hair an actual thing? Well, I sure hope so, because the surprises are just so much fun to watch.

I'm just hoping that Lovato's extensions and ombre are here to stay. It kind of reminds me of the whole Camp Rock era except this time she definitely has a more mature flair to it. It's totally perfect for summer, too. Plus it's super summery and gives Lovato such a gorgeous flowy look. Normally we're used to the super dark, bold color on Lovato or her signature short bob. And occasionally we'll get a pop of color once in a while. But this light, subtle look is one of my favorite hairstyles on the "Body Say" singer.

She posted a pic of herself in a butterfly crown filter and she literally looks like gold:

It's so pretty, am I right? I think this look is totally fit for the summer and is a cool, playful change from her previous looks.

Because we've previously seen that perfect bob of hers:

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And we've also seen her hair in a lavender ombré which she completely slayed in:

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's also had completely blonde hair:

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But I definitely think her newest look should definitely stay as long as it can:

We'll just have to wait and see if her ombre is here to stay in which I'm seriously hoping it does!