I Contoured My Face Using Coffee & Yogurt

As someone who avidly looks on the Internet for the next contouring trend, I can definitely say that the newest crazes just keep getting better, but also weirder. Although I've tried tape contouring, neck contouring, and contouring only with a brush, I haven't been more excited to try a new contouring technique than this one: a multi-masking contouring where you don't use makeup — only natural ingredients. Yes, contouring without makeup. Sounds impossible, but it's actually not.

Beauty guru Farah Dhukai posted an Instagram video showing how to contour without makeup and it's pretty much amazing. Using products like rose petals, honey, and coffee beans, Dhukai applied them to her face, washed the ingredients off, and unveiled an amazing naturally contoured effect! She explained:

"I like to call this my “highlight and contour” mask, but this is also called multi-masking- where you use different masks for different “concerns” on your face. The white “highlight” mask BRIGHTENS and LIGHTENS to reveal a beautiful GLOW. The brown “contour” mask TIGHTENS both masks also hydrate the skin and exfoliate but more on that later."

Cool, am I right? Dhukai recommends doing these masks twice a week. Being the curious person that I am, I wanted to find out for myself just how feasible this technique is in real life.

Here's what happened:

The Experiment

1. I Made My "Highlighter Mask"

I followed directions that Dhukai wrote and mixed rose petals, one tablespoon of yogurt, and less than a tablespoon of honey together.

I then applied the highlighter mask on all the appropriate places on my face and gently dabbed. It was easy enough. Apparently the reason why this mixture works is that yogurt, rose water, and honey are full of certain exfoliants and antioxidants that contribute to bright, fresh, and hydrated skin, as Dhukai mentions in her post.

2. I Made My "Contour Mask"

I then took ground coffee beans, one tablespoon of cacao powder and less than a tablespoon of honey.

As soon I finished making my mask, I then applied the ingredients on the appropriate parts on my face. The reason why these ingredients work for a "contouring" effect is that "the caffeine pulls excess moisture from the skin, making it look more firm and tight," while the cacao powder "is a natural sunscreen and helps improve skin complexion," says Dhukai.

3. I Let It Sit & Dry Completely

I waited for about 10-15 minutes until the masks completely dried out. I didn't apply too much, so this process didn't take very long. It wasn't uncomfortable, but I could definitely feel the masks making my face a little tighter. On the plus side, my face smelled really yummy.

4. I Washed My Face In Circular Motions

I used lukewarm water to wash my face and washed in circular motions as directed. I then took a washcloth and wiped off the excess cocoa.

The Results

Overall I think that there was definitely a contour effect on my face and I would seriously try this again. Not only did the mask feel really nice on my face, but it made my skin feel a lot brighter and fresher. I'm usually really picky with masks, but I enjoyed the texture and smell of the honey, yogurt, and cocoa.

The mask seemed to also lighten up my skin and create a natural contour on my cheekbones which was awesome. I honestly didn't expect that the mask would work this well, but it did!

I would highly recommend contouring enthusiasts out there to try this out because it's super fun and doesn't require any sort of makeup at all!

Before you try it, however, Dhukai recommends doing a test patch first. Happy contouring!

Images: Danelle Sandoval