Will Robin Hood Return To 'Once Upon A Time'

Regina Mills just can't catch a break. Has Robin Hood left Once Upon A Time for good? Crossing the town line was the only way to save Maid Marian from the Snow Queen's curse, but it also meant leaving Storybrooke forever. Therefore, Robin left with her in order to be with his son. Which, of course, left Regina lonely again. At least she has a drinking buddy in Emma Swan. This show needs more shots! Why can't we just let Regina be happy and/or lucky in love? Give her some other kind of conflict to deal with, like political poll results or something. I was so pleased when she and Marian spoke, and then the curses went and mucked it up again.

The promo for the second half of OUAT's fourth season has Emma promising Regina to help her find Robin and bring him back. Which is good. All shows need to have believable stakes, but it's hard for me to believe that anyone in Storybrooke thinks a curse or affliction is permanent at this point. Plus, I'm a sucker for stories where the girls have to rescue the boys, and Once Upon A Time is particularly good at delivering those kinds of tales. The promo showed Regina wielding the Dark One's dagger. So that could get interesting. Speaking of, maybe they should recruit Belle to help break the curse and find Robin — she kicked some serious tail in the winter finale! In case you missed it, here's the preview. Watch and decide for yourself.

So, how will they get him back? I wonder if it's going to coincide with Rumple's quest to retrieve the "Queens of Darkness" from our world and bring them to Storybrooke to see the Author. Maybe I'm just scared of octopuses, but the reveal of Ursula hiding out in an aquarium was particularly spooky and I can't wait to see more scenes like that, which integrate magic in the real world. I would love to see the noble "Hood Family" stumble into Cruella De Vil or Maleficent and get back that way.

Image: Eike Schroter/ABC