21 New Year's Resolutions for 'The Flash' Crew

One of the reasons The Flash has been so successful on The CW in its first season is just how memorable and relatable characters are. I feel like I know them well enough to figure out what was left off their Christmas list, what their New Year's Eve plans are, and even what goals they are setting for 2015. What New Year's Resolutions should The Flash characters make? Yes, even Dr. Harrison Wells could do with a little self-care during the holiday season. Granted, these resolutions deviate from your average list of New Year's goals. I don't see people with superpowers lining up for a gym membership or cutting out carbs. However, plenty of our favorite heroes, scientists, and investigators could benefit from a fresh start. The months surrounding the particle accelerator explosion and resulting metahuman convention have caused a lot of pain and displacement. It would be nice if everyone could take a step back, reflect on the year that was, and think about how they could improve going forward. Whether it's drinking less coffee, patenting a pseudoscientific discovery, or doing a little spring cleaning on your secret lair, The Flash has some promises to make.

Here are some resolutions I think the characters should have, as well as others I think they actually would make.

Barry Allen

The only superhero that isn't brooding enough, Barry's resolutions might start out pretty mundane.

  • Be on time to work.
  • Drink more alcohol.
  • Find the metahuman who killed my Mom and framed my Dad. Exact my revenge.

Iris West

She needs to reconcile her confusing feelings towards "The Flash" and figure out that it's Barry, but unfortunately that's not something she can do for herself.

  • Convince Eddie that "The Flash" is a good guy.
  • Update my blog every week.
  • Get Barry a girlfriend. Who was that blonde girl with the glasses? They were so cute together!

Harrison Wells

The mysterious doctor, who likes making ominous claims about the future as much as Hannibal Lector enjoys making puns about eating people, would have considerably more dramatic resolutions.

  • Have Gideon review my security system.
  • Learn to live more in the moment.
  • Finally get ████ ███ ████ ███████ █ ████ at the ██ ████ before Barry ████ █ ███ ██ ████ forever.

Cisco Ramon

The Flash's comic relief, Cisco's life is going pretty well. He loves his job. He loves his friends. What else does he need?

  • Take an improv class.
  • Go on Shark Tank.
  • Cut back on candy?

Caitlin Snow

Caitlin's world just got a bit more complicated with the reappearance of her fiancé. Hopefully this won't shake up the icy bioengineer too much.

  • Try to warm up to new experiences.
  • Don't let Cisco go on Shark Tank.
  • Contact Robbie at least one more time.

Eddie Thawne

Eddie just became aware of metahumans. Or so we think.

  • Spend more time with Barry — he's important to Iris and then I can keep my eye on him.
  • Figure out who The Flash is.
  • Get to the gym more often. Boxing is clearly not enough with all these meta things on the loose!

Joe West

Iris' Dad received a threat from Reverse-Flash. However, something tells me that he isn't going to back down that easily. I wish he would allow his daughter to know who The Flash is, but I don't tell people how to parent.

  • Give Eddie a harder time.
  • Go easier on Iris.
  • Find a way to exonerate Henry Allen without putting my family in danger.

Images: Jack Rowand (3), Diyah Pera, Katie Yu, Cate Cameron (3)/The CW