Lily Aldridge Makes Us Want To Wear Pigtails Again

After Lily Aldridge graced the New York streets with her set of grown-up pigtails, I immediately squealed with delight in hopes that she had started the trend of making my favorite childhood hairstyle acceptable to wear as an adult. The world needs more pigtails, in addition to slumber parties, and unicorn sweaters. Need proof? Just look at how happy Nicole Scherzinger is. And if Alexa Chung wasn't able to convince you to rock the pigtail hairdo either, maybe Lily Aldridge will.

Aldridge decided to take the pigtail game to another level, pairing the nostalgic hairdo with a classy beige Reformation turtleneck sweater, over-the-knee boots, and Ray-Ban sunglasses. She looked totally elegant and sophisticated, even with a playful, youthful hairstyle that my 13-year-old sister would wear. Props to this supermodel, for real. It's obvious that both good genes and a great sense of style run in the Aldridge family. The Victoria's Secret Angel was spotted walking with Ruby Aldridge, who wasn't twinning with her sister, although I really wish she would have.

Since entering young adulthood, I never really thought twice about wearing pigtails again. But why not? They're super easy to do and they can pretty much match any outfit you put together. Pajamas and pigtails, flannel shirts and pigtails, polos and pigtails — do I need to say more? If anything, after seeing Aldridge rock the style herself, I'm only determined to find out how I can incorporate pigtails in my millennial lifestyle. Here are five examples of stellar pigtails to justify my wishes and to give you inspiration to rock the little girl 'do, too.

1. They're perfect for a fun weekend brunch or a stylish errands run

2. They'll match any quirky or eccentric outfit you pair with them

3. They're the ideal hairdo for sunny beach days

4. The longer and tighter they are, the better

5. They dress up a white tank top in a way that no other hairstyle can

Images: lilyaldridge/Instagram