Who Is L'Oreal's Newest Spokeswoman, Luma Grothe?

So, L'Oreal has a new spokeswoman... but who is she? While she may not be as big a name as, say, Gwen Stefani, Karlie Kloss, or Blake Lively (who have all held the same title), Luma Grothe has quite the resume (plus, she's been described as a cross between Miranda Kerr and Angelina Jolie — and if that doesn't spell out "BEAUTY CONTRACT" in all-caps, I don't know what does). Since competing in a Brazilian modeling competition at 16 (she didn't win, but she got an agent and some recognition out of the contest), she's been featured in a number of campaigns, advertisements, and runway shows — and, of course, has accrued quite the Instagram account. Luma Grothe's new gig as L'Oreal spokeswoman is the next step in an already successful career.

She's been featured Vogue Italia (a modeling pinnacle if ever there was one), she has a campaign for Dsquared under her belt, and she's walked the runway for high-end designers like Burberry Prorsum and Versace — so in a lot of ways, it makes sense that she's nabbed such a covetable campaign. L'Oreal today, and who knows what's in store for tomorrow? Maybe this is her first step in a path towards world domination, Cara Delevingne-style.

What else do we know her? Let's find out all we can, via her Instagram account.

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Congrats, Luma!

Images: Getty Images; Instagram