Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid Are BFF Official

There's no better time to make your supermodel friendship official than doing it during Paris Fashion Week. And our favorite pair of model BFFs did just that: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid left a lock on the Pont des Arts bridge during a day out in Paris. It all was going fine and dandy until unexpectedly, Kendall received some unwanted attention from one of her devoted fans. Even with the fame Jenner receives on a daily basis, the supermodel was still taken off guard to have one of her fans abruptly come up to her with an exuding amount of admiration. Guess Jenner and Hadid weren't the only ones feeling lots of love on the bridge.

As Jenner was walking over to solidify her friendship with Hadid, the surprising fan got a little too close to Kendall and leaped in for a kiss. The 19-year-old model even needed a little help from security to keep the fan away. Polarized to the couture beauties, it was obvious that Jenner's fan was on a mission to snag a little bit of love from the model. Startled, Jenner kept her cool and continued on with grace.

Regardless of the encounter, both models were able to seal the deal with their friendship and left a padlock written with “PFW AW 15 3/16” on the love lock bridge. So cute! Now they'll be able to relive their memories forever (minus the crazed fan).

And as per usual, the two looked absolutely flawless. Jenner sported a cream turtleneck, leather leggings and ankle booties, while Hadid kept it cozy with a black coat and chic, white platform sneakers. These two supermodel BFFs sure know how to make a statement, whether it's about their friendship or showing off their killer sense of style.