Cara Delevingne Hits 10 Million Insta Followers

Strange is an understatement when it comes to this quirky supermodel and her Instagram. Still, I absolutely love her for it, and I'm not the only one. Cara Delevingne recently hit 10 million followers on Instagram, and to no surprise, posted a hilarious picture with fruit to celebrate.

Clearly nobody knows how to thank followers better than Delevingne. Her photo includes a bikini, strawberries, and a heart shaped balloon hashtagged #Bacon and #Paris which basically screams "winning at life" to me. Although the hashtags and strange fruit may not seem to make sense to us, it is a clear example of Delevingne's great sense of humor. Being able to poke fun and have a laugh, even after walking the Chanel runway in Paris Fashion Week gives me reason to admire Delevingne so much more.

She captions her fruity pic, "It seems like complete insanity that I have 10 million followers so I thought I would cover myself in fruit and write on my stomach in red lipstick which now won't come off!" I mean, even stained red lipstick won't stop her from going above and beyond for her fans. That is some serious dedication.

She continues on, "This strange fruity thank you is for you, especially the people who have supported me from the beginning!" Strange? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. She also mentions, "Lots of exciting things to come so watch this space." I wonder what she has in mind when she reaches 20 million followers. She does seem to also love bacon. I'm not making any assumptions, but if it happens, don't say I didn't tell you so.

From monkeys and baby memes, to glamorous fashion life and inspirational quotes, gaining 10 million followers on her Instagram is well-deserved. On top of being just plain awesome, these photos should definitely explain the reasons why Delevingne finally reached a social media milestone:

1. She compares her celebrity friends to cuddly animals

2. One time, she had a hand growing out of her forehead and was still gorgeous

3. She showed us that she has many catwalks up her sleeve

4. She's also a mermaid

5. She poses in the most iconic fashion magazines with her closest friends

6. She uses her Instagram powers for a good cause

7. Where else can you find a supermodel cradling a baby tiger while wearing a Simpsons shirt?

8. Bacon, bacon and more bacon.

9. She has secret handshakes with other supermodels

10. She's multi-talented

11. Last, but definitely not least, them eyebrows