5 Ways To Wear Green For St. Patrick's Day

For some reason, whenever there's a holiday, I immediately think of an excuse to change up my normal beauty routine. It's just too hard to resist. Bright red lipstick on Christmas, pink lipstick on Valentine's Day, blue eyeshadow on the Fourth of July, the list really goes on. I mean, that is what holidays are all about: being festive and what not. So with St. Patty's Day coming up, most of you (like me) are probably scrolling through your Instagram feed saying, "Well, I guess I could wear a little green tomorrow." While it's probably easiest to switch up your wardrobe for the holiday, it doesn't mean that you can't also change up your hair and makeup game too. While green can be a tricky color to incorporate for your hair or face, it's actually not that hard to put a little green in your life for one day of the calendar. It could be more fun than you think.

But, I understand. Being able to keep it festive and not look completely like The Hulk is no easy feat. As long as you don't completely cover your face in green paint (unless you want to) I think you'll be fine.

So before skipping on the green for your hair and makeup this year, take some of these options into consideration first.

1. Hair Extensions

With hair extensions or even hair clips being everywhere these days, they could add a little funkiness to your festive celebration. It could be totally cool to have green locks for a day. At least you won't have to explain to everyone why you decided to wear green hair. Try these clip in hair extensions from Color Fiend, or find some at your local beauty supply store. (Color Fiend Green Clip-in Hair Extensions, $5.99,

2. Temporary Hair Color Spray

If you don't feel like wearing hair extensions, temporary hair color spray is another option. And instead of coloring and committing to green hair for three months, spraying your hair seems like a much better decision. You can get the Bwild Temporary Hair Color Spray in Jaguar Green from Target. (Bwild Temporary Hair Color, $5.99,

3. Eyeshadow

It seems the easiest to change your eyeshadow for the holiday, so why not? I love this makeup tutorial by Carli Bybel. Rock the subtle green eyeshadow during the day at work, and when it's time to celebrate in the evening, just add a little more and you're good to go!

4. Lipstick

I know this is probably not the most ideal way to change your makeup routine, but hey, at least you could put that green lipstick buried at the bottom of your makeup bag to good use. And who knows, maybe you could start a new trend. This NYX green lipstick looks like a lot of fun. (NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippies, $9.45,

5. Nail Polish

There are lots of fun ways to color your nails for St. Patty's Day. DIY or going to the nail salon works, just make sure you get four leaf clovers on at least one of your nails. Who knows, maybe a little extra luck might come around this holiday? Start off with this green color from OPI. (OPI Nal Lacquer Green-wich Village, $5.40,

Now go forth, and don't be afraid to rock the green this year.

Images: Hot Topic; Target; Carli Bybel/YouTube; Amazon; Sleek Nail